Commercial Photoluminescent Strips & Tapes

photoluminescentegressmarkingsCommercial businesses, such as manufacturing companies and industrial organizations, have employees and workers who operate heavy machinery and work in facilities where production is performed through heavy manual labor. These facilities and work sites will also likely have several different moving parts other than machinery, such as industrial products, metals, manufacturing parts, components, and raw materials, all of which are very heavy and are moved throughout the workday. The picture being painted for you is an industrial facility or manufacturing plant where you have many workers performing manual labor around and near numerous moving parts, all of which are complex, heavy, large, and dangerous if one is not being careful. At locations like the ones being described, having protective systems and units in place is paramount toward maintaining a safe working environment, otherwise, numerous accidents would occur, many of which would be serious, and some that could prove fatal.

Focusing on protective systems and components that can be helpful in the facilities described in the previous paragraph, it is absolutely necessary for manufacturing companies and industrial businesses to install safety protocol that features protective products that either shield laborers form or alert them of potential hazards in the workplace. Pertaining to safety products that can serve as an alert system when workers are approaching dangerous locations, photoluminescent strips and tapes are an excellent way to bring attention to locations in the workplace that present a dangerous element should a worker come within close proximity. For example, a facility may have a machine operating in a certain location that, when functioning, could pose a threat to the safety of an individual should that person get too close to the machine. Applying photoluminescent tapes and strips around the machinery will alert the worker of the danger associated with getting too close to the machine while it’s operating. Photoluminescent technology gives strips and tapes a glow in the dark feature that can be noticed from long distances and in pitch black and very dark locations. Therefore, it would be nearly impossible for a worker to not notice photoluminescent strips and tapes when nearing locations where it has been installed.

Many types of commercial businesses are going to have an element of danger associated with its working environment, which is just the nature of the type of business being conducted. And, unfortunately, an element of risk is involved for employees working at these types of facilities. However, those risks can be drastically limited and minimized when safety products are installed throughout the facility that serve to protect and alert workers of potentially dangerous scenarios in certain areas of the facility. Commercial businesses can and should rely on photoluminescent strips and tapes as a method of safety reinforcement in the workplace, as these products have proven to save lives in many different types of situations.

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