Using Photoluminescent Strips to Improve Building Safety

GloBriteEgress2Many buildings, most notably larger structures, will have areas and locations within the confines of the structure that need specific indicators to alert people of certain elements that could potentially be dangerous when coming into close proximity. In addition, certain situations could arise, such as an incident that causes the building’s lighting and/or electricity to go out, forcing people to have to evacuate in the dark. When evacuating, the occupants of the building must negotiate certain areas that might be problematic, such as stairwells, which are further complicated when the lighting for the building is not working. Marking tapes have always been a favorable option for building owners to designate locations that could be dangerous if people are not being careful when traveling through that location. However, if the dangerous scenario present in that certain location becomes exacerbated by a power outage, regular marking tapes will not do a building owner any good. For example, imagine a flood of people traveling down several flights of stairs in a panic with no lighting available to illuminate the stairwell. You can probably picture the danger associated with this described scenario.

To prevent a scenario such as the one described in the previous paragraph from become a disaster littered with injuries, and, even worse, fatalities, Jessup Manufacturing offers its customers photoluminescent strips, also known as photoluminescent tape, which will indicate a hazardous location to oncoming individuals, as well as make it instantly recognizable due to its luminescent attributes. This product instantly improves the safety of any building, because the photoluminescent characteristics of these marking strips and tapes are one hundred percent reliable, and will function as intended, no matter how untenable the location of a building becomes. You see, photoluminescent technology involves eco friendly, green alternative materials and components to make a safe, dependable, and an always operational luminescent product that effectively notifies anyone within a viewable proximity of the impending dangers as one approaches the scene. Photoluminescent strips can also illuminate a pathway to reach safety for numerous people trying to evacuate in a timely manner before a terrible situation worsens.

Photoluminescent strips are clearly the best option for marking and indicating potential dangers, and for marking and indicating pathways of egress safety that will lead people away from danger and toward a safe haven. Jessup Manufacturing would not offer its customers photoluminescent strips to improve the safety of their building if photoluminescence was not the best method of egress technology available on the market today. Building owners should always want the best safety options and protocol available for their structures, and with photoluminescent strips, your structure will be outfitted with safety standards that have proven to save lives. Use this cost effective product to improve the safety of your workers. View our non-slip safety tapes and products today.


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