What is the Photoluminescent Safety Association?

globriteThe Photoluminescent Safety Association, which is also known simply as the PSA, is a trade association that is dedicated to generating broad based acceptance of safety grade photoluminescent products. Because safety products designed with photoluminescent technology have proven to be a superior design feature when compared to other safety and egress solutions, a push is being made to generate statewide acceptance and enforcement regarding the mandated use of safety and egress products created with photoluminescent technology. As it stands now, a couple of very important and recognized regulatory committees, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have begun to back the use of egress and safety products that are designed only with photoluminescent properties. The reason these well known regulatory agencies are fully supporting photoluminescent technology is quite clear – they recognize the supreme advantages of photoluminescent safety solutions over any other type of safety product technology, and the affirmation is based on tests and results.

The Photoluminescent Safety Association has a code committee, whose responsibility it is to maintain awareness of any code changes that directly affect the industry. In addition, the PSA committee can recommend to building codes if it is deemed that these amendments induce, encourage, or promote life safety. The PSA committee is chaired by a selected member of the Board of Directors, and is open to any and all member who wish to join the group. The PSA prides itself on being very active in the community. In just the last five years, the PSA has played an integral part in supporting various organizations in updating the International Building Code (IBC) as it pertains to the adoption of certain recommendation provided by the ad-hoc committee on Terrorism Resistant Buildings with regard to photoluminescent exit path markings. The Photoluminescent Safety Administration has also been in close and frequent contact with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) for adding and amending code changes to both the 101 Life Safety Code and the 5000 Building Code.

Regarding the types of organizations that should join the Photoluminescent Safety Association, any enterprise that manufactures, markets, or sells safety grade photoluminescent products would benefit from becoming a member. In addition, anyone who is involved in writing, promoting, or participates in the formulation of building, vehicular, personal, and any other types of safety codes and standards should definitely become a member of the PSA organization. First responders and safety officials would also benefit from participating in the PSA. Any of these aforementioned groups belong in the Photoluminescent Safety Association, because all for them can both gain and offer so many valuable resources that will only work toward advancing the purpose and goal of the PSA.

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