Updating Building Safety with Photoluminescent Products

PhotoluminescentTapeHaving the best emergency and safety egress products installed throughout your building is an absolute imperative for the assurance of complete building safety. Emergency safety and egress products have evolved, and today, new, innovative, state of the art emergency safety and egress products are available that completely trump previous building protection product models. Far too many potential issues exist with older building safety products, such as a reliance on a direct power source in order to operate (which constituted an ever present fire hazard concern), constant maintenance, faulty materials, lack of durability, and disappointing longevity. Fortunately, for building owners who deal with this unnecessary and frustrating litany of potential issues with older model building safety products, there now exists a new, innovative, state of the art emergency and safety egress technology known as photoluminescence.

Photoluminescent technology has completely revolutionized they way building owners can outfit their buildings and structures with emergency and safety egress products, as it has effectively eliminated all of the problems that exist with convention building safety products. First, photoluminescent building safety products are an eco friendly, green alternative resource that is completely safe around people, in the environment, and throughout the building. How so? Photoluminescent products are made with materials that in no way use components that are considered toxic or dangerous for people to be in close proximity to, unlike tritium technology building safety products. In addition, photoluminescent do not require a connected electricity current in order to function – it is totally self sustainable. You see, photoluminescent technology allows the building safety products to absorb ambient light and store it as energy for use when it becomes dark, effectively glowing in the dark for countless hours. This eliminates any concern for fire hazards that one has to worry about with traditional building safety products. Moreover, photoluminescent products have been tested, and are proven to be more durable, safer, more reliable, require a lot less maintenance, and have a much longer life cycle.

Are you ready for even more good news regarding photoluminescent products? Updating your building with photoluminescent products is very inexpensive, and will actually save you money and pay for itself in short measure. How is this possible? First, the materials used to create photoluminescent products are inexpensive, making your cost much less compares to other building safety product models. Furthermore, because photoluminescent products do not require an electrical outlet in order to operate, your utility expensive will significantly decrease once you update your building with photolumoinescent technology.

When you weigh the pros and cons of updating your building safety with photoluminescent products, you will not find a single reason not to switch to this wonderful emergency and safety egress technology.

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