Save Energy with Maintenance-Free Safety Signs

GloBriteExitFor those businesses and building owners still using older model safety signs for their location, it is conceivable that one of their biggest complaints regarding the usage of old safety signs is the hefty maintenance required in order to make sure they stay intact. Archaic version of safety signs cannot be trusted to consistently maintain functionality over long periods because they are prone to persistent malfunctions. And, because you have to allot time to conduct maintenance on your older safety signs, the maintenance will cost you money. That scenario sounds like a waste of valuable time, money, and resources, and it is a scenario that can be easily prevented with a simple transition to maintenance free safety signs. Not only will maintenance free safety signs stop the waste of valuable resources on your currently installed safety signs, it will also present the ability to save energy.

Starting with the maintenance free aspect of new and improved safety signs, the latest in safety signage technology, known as photoluminescence, when infused with the design process of safety signs, adds an eco friendly, green alternative element to the signage, meaning it is designed with materials and components that have been found to be more durable, more reliable, and longer lasting. In addition, the need for maintenance of photoluminescent safety signs is significantly slashed, because in its projected lifespan of twenty-five to thirty years, you will be able to count with one hand (if you will have reason to count at all) how many times these types of signage will require any maintenance or inspection, other than what is considered routine. This is a far cry from regular safety signs, especially those connected to a direct power source, like an electrical current, which sometimes require maintenance on an every sixty to ninety day basis. Imagine the monetary savings you can incur not having to frequently call out a maintenance technician to service your out of date safety signs, which are sucking on a dedicated energy source, of which you are reminded of every time you look at your company’s or building’s utility bill. This brings us to our second point.

Photoluminescent technology, when introduced to safety signs, not only minimize the need for maintenance, it also halts any need for municipal energy directed toward your location. In other words, once you install photoluminescent safety signage throughout your location, you will never need an electrical source of energy to operate your safety signs ever again. This accomplishes a few feats: 1. No longer are you wasting precious energy for a product where a method exists to afford it to operate more efficiently without a dedicated source of energy. 2. Because you are not requiring a municipal energy source, no longer will you be paying for energy you were wasting in the first place. This will dramatically reduce your energy bill and your location’s overall utility overhead. 3. The elimination of needed electricity for your safety signs to operate actually make your signs safer, as it cancels any chance, though seldom, that your safety signs might catch on fire, as older models connected to a power source in fact presented a fire hazard.

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