Photoluminescent Solutions Provide Easy Emergency Escape Routes

Emergency escape routes help individuals find their way out of a workplace, residence, or commercial facility during a crisis. A variety of components are implemented to provide a well-lit, easy to follow path to the nearest exit point. These components serve as visual aids as occupants attempt to evacuate a structure. Obstacles, proper exit doors, and complete paths are quickly identifiable when the appropriate items have been implemented. An emergency escape route is defined as a continuous, unobstructed path from an area of a building to the nearest safety location. The average workplace must have a minimum of two routes in place and this number heightens as floor counts, occupant numbers, or workplace dimensions increase. Each route must be placed at an acceptable distance from another to ensure occupants have a secondary exit point in case one becomes blocked.

Photoluminescent Egress Solutions Support Defined Exit Paths

Self-luminous products are designed to provide a visual aid at times when lighting is minimal throughout a structure. They can be implemented to support any defined egress route at a low cost to ensure occupants have the necessary aids for an evacuation. Markings, signs, and treads supply a continual line of sight to anyone residing within a structure at the time of an emergency. These products absorb energy and then release a green glow as lighting becomes dim or non-existent. Signs may be placed above exit points for easy identification of safety areas or to aid individuals in maneuvering down multiple floors of a building. Additionally, markings offer a continuous identification aid as individuals travel down a corridor to a set of stairs or exit point. Photoluminescent egress solutions are great for outlining steps or handrails on each floor of a structure. Treads serve two functions in these areas by providing further traction to prevent falls and allowing individuals to know where the leading edge of each step is located.

What Locations Are Ideal for Photoluminescent Treads?

A number of locations make a great candidate for further supporting defined exit points in a structure. Photoluminescent egress solutions may be placed in these among other areas:

  • Leading Edges of Stairs
  • Landing Areas
  • Around Machinery
  • Equipment Footing Rails
  • Ramps
  • Ladders
  • Maintenance Locations
  • Kitchen or Break Room Areas

Photoluminescent treads offer increased traction in spill prone locations and against slick soled shoes. The glow-in-the-dark qualities of these products support visibility and prevent falling during an evacuation. They can be combined with signs or markings to create an effective egress system that is visible under even the most extreme emergency conditions. Occupants are left in a pitch black environment where smoke or other obstacles continue to affect visibility at times when main and secondary lighting sources fail to operate. Finding a way out in this type of situation is difficult even when an individual is familiar with the building and photoluminescent treads can be used to aid them as they maneuver down stairs to the nearest exit point. Photoluminescent egress solutions are the best choice for creating an effective escape route and provide the necessary dependability for avoiding occupant harm in the event of an emergency.

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