Photoluminescent Products Help Save Energy and Lives

It is easy to overlook the benefits of photoluminescent products during the construction of a building or when attempting to comply with safety codes. Incandescent or metal signing and general traction tapes have been status quo for countless years. The purchasing prices range averages about the same as newer photoluminescent options; however, the usage expense is quite different between the two. It is important to understanding the energy saving benefits of self-luminous materials over commonplace methods before choosing egress safety items. Photoluminescent compliance items come in these forms:

  • Exit Signs
  • Fire Equipment Identification
  • Traction Tape
  • Directional Visual Aids
  • Marking Tape

Each of these choices increases egress safety by providing a visual aid regardless of the amount of light available during an emergency. Photoluminescent films absorb and store energy from surrounding sources until a structure loses visibility due to power failures or additional conditions. The energy is released as a green glow once lighting becomes minimal or unavailable. Your building must have multiple measures in place for providing assistance when an evacuation is necessary. Backup lighting is not completely reliable because main power, batteries, and generators all have the possibility of failure. Incandescent signs, while effective in various scenarios, do not offer the same dependability as photoluminescent products. This wise choice can save lives and prevent expensive lawsuits in the event of a real emergency situation.

How Do Self-Luminous Safety Items Reduce Consumption?

An incandescent sign consumes constant power to provide the lighting required by structural codes. They also require a backup power source, wiring, and continual maintenance. The costs add up quickly as the number of required exit signs increases within a building. Incandescent products average between a few hundred dollars to many thousands per year depending on the size of a building. Additional nuisances for this choice include:

  • Professional Wiring
  • Purchase/Installation of a Backup Source
  • Sign and Backup Power Source Maintenance
  • Bulb Purchases
  • High Disposal Costs
  • Additional Testing Procedures

These hindrances are removed with photoluminescent products and this consequently decreases the total expense incurred for proper building markings. Self-luminous materials eliminate energy needs, require little maintenance, and do not entail the extensive installation practices of incandescent alternatives. You can also forget about typical maintenance activities such as bulb changes or backup generator care. Cleaning is the only upkeep task necessary for continued effectiveness. With an average lifespan of over twenty years, you can gain quite a few savings my making this choice over the alternatives.

Traction tape is another area where you can double up to meet two purposes while cutting expenses. This material is required in areas such as stairwells or around equipment where there is a high risk of falling due to slippery surfaces. Photoluminescent options can be used as an extra precaution in accident promoting areas to provide the same glowing effect in an emergency situation. Building codes require markings to be placed in landing areas, around obstacles, on steps, and down halls to denote egress paths. Photoluminescent tapes save money by meeting traction and egress requirements at the same time. It is easy to make the best choice when you consider the savings supplied for these egress enhancing items.

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