“2014 Guarantee of Quality and Safety for Photoluminescent Evacuation Systems Jessup Glo Brite® From the Emergency Ministry of the Russian Federation”

photoOn May 22, 2014, GloBrite System Inc. was given the 2014 Guarantee of Quality and Safety for Photoluminescent Evacuation Systems award from the Emergency Ministry of the Russian Federation. Rob Jessup, President of Jessup Manufacturing, displays the award with Stanislav Checkhovsky of Vladlena Import LCC.
Jessup Manufacturing is both grateful and proud to receive such an esteemed award. Human safety is the top concern for Jessup as they supply building owners, architects, contractors and product specifiers with the latest safety products. Photoluminescent safety products provide life-saving reliability, while saving money on labor, maintenance and energy costs.
GloBrite’s evacuation marking systems are LEED points qualified, non toxic, non radioactive, along with the eco friendly benefit of being 100% recyclable. Installation is straightforward, simple, and once installed these egress systems require zero maintenance. Along with their current safety product lines, Globrite excels in developing building custom solutions to meet any luminance value, while carefully ensuring that the technology meets client’s specific performance criteria. As most businesses can attest, emergency generators can fail, backup batteries can die, and LED lamps can blow. GloBrite emergency signs are 100% reliable every time.

Jessup® Glo Brite®
Site Safety
and Egress Solutions

Our Photoluminescent Evacuation Systems consist of non-electric, photoluminescent safety products. They are components of the comprehensive Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System, which is essential for all buildings to a implement a low-level emergency egress route.


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