Photoluminescent Tapes Are the Latest in Industrial Safety Products

Among the variety of safety products made available to industrial business owners, photoluminescent tapes supply a double sided solution for protecting individuals from harm. Self-luminous tapes supply the same benefits as traditional traction treads with the glow-in-the-dark qualities necessary for maneuvering down stairs or through dangerous areas at the time of an emergency. Glow-in-the-dark tapes are one of the newest additions on the market for building safety. An adhesive backside makes them easy to install and traditional gripping qualities are combined with photoluminescent properties to provide the ultimate safety addition. Photoluminescent tapes may be installed along ramps, on stairways, around equipment, and in egress route locations to prevent serious injury while evacuating a structure. As an extra bonus, these products provide further traction during daily operations to avoid the extensive costs associated with typical falls.

Why are Photoluminescent Tapes a Good Safety Addition?

Building safety implementations are important since they can prevent serious falls, hefty insurance costs, lawsuits, and workman’s compensation claims. Injury related costs are not always avoidable; however, certain safety installations within a structure greatly reduce the chance of an injury caused by a slip or fall. Implementations like photoluminescent tape pick up the slack in locations where spills or alternative hazards are less obvious and supply further support along egress paths. Wet or slick surfaces remain as the leading contributor to a fall thus making it imperative to take the appropriate prevention measures after evaluating hazard locations. Break rooms, bathrooms, slick floors, stairs, ramps, and ladders are the most common contributors to injury. These tapes may be installed to provide further gripping capabilities under normal working conditions, along egress paths, and to ensure a line of visibility is available in extreme emergency conditions. Photoluminescent tapes deliver an advanced solution for industrial egress safety and provide increased protection in machine oriented surroundings.

An Easy Way to Prevent Injury

While the chance of a fall during an emergency is higher, owners have several options for reducing panic and promoting a fast exit. Photoluminescent products such as signs and markings are becoming the new standard for building safety. Industrial building owners choosing these items to support traditional egress identifiers are able to ensure workers have what they need to find the nearest exit point within a structure when an evacuation is necessary. Photoluminescent tapes further support these implementations by supplying more traction along the leading edges of stairs or along ramps where individuals can easily fall in low lighting conditions.

Products with this quality put off a green, visible glow for quick identification of egress paths or hazards when lighting systems fail or illuminations becomes minimal in a building. Installation takes only a few minutes and the tapes remain dependable for years without a great amount of maintenance. As one of the newest safety product additions, photoluminescent tapes offer a simple, affordable method for providing further protection as individuals enter or exit a structure each day. JessupMFG offers several self-luminous products to improve the evacuation readiness and general safety of any type of industrial structure. Contact a representative today to determine what products are best for your specific structural needs.

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