Photoluminescent Tape Suppliers are Rare

PhotoluminescentTapeBy now, you have probably heard about photoluminescent technology, especially if you follow this blog. Photoluminescence is what gives egress and safety products the glow in the dark appeal, designed with eco friendly, green alternative materials. Much of what you find regarding photolumoinescent products has to do with emergency exit signs and other egress systems that help people find their way down hallways, stairwells and corridors in the event that they have to evacuate the premises. However, city municipalities with a dedicated police force and firefighting squad, for example, are incorporating photoluminescent technology on tape. In effect, this tape, laced with photolumoinescent properties, is placed on clothing and equipment so that the individuals can be seen in dark locations of places filled with smoke from a fire outbreak. Moreover, this tape is put on fire hoses, axes, and other equipment used during emergency situations in case the person using the equipment drops or loses the equipment, but is able to find it, even in dark or smoky areas.

Using photoluminescent properties for tape to be placed on people, clothes, and equipment probably sounds like a marvelous idea. However, there is a hindrance to this great notion – finding photolumoinescent tape manufacturers can prove quite difficult. In fact, photoluminescent tape manufacturers are rare. The rarity generally has to do with this being a novel concept. Still, it would be nice to know that there are companies at the forefront offering photoluminescent tape to better help people conduct their jobs more efficiently. Luckily, there is a company that has been around for decades that prides itself on being the pioneer in providing materials and products for egress and for safety protocol – Jessup Manufacturing.

When we say Jessup has been around for decades, it means Jessup has been leading the way in offering safety measures and products to customers for over fifty years. Today, they offer photoluminescent products, which are the highest rated eco friendly, green alternative, glow in the dark, egress materials available, anywhere. And yes, Jessup also offers photoluminescent tape – an unfortunate rarity for most other manufacturers.

All you need to do is call Jessup Manufacturing, and one of their representatives would be delighted to inform you on all of their egress and safety products, and provide as much information as you need on photoluminescent technology, as well as photoluminescent tape. Photoluminescent tape manufacturers are rare, but fortunately, when it comes to the latest and greatest in egress and safety products, you can bet that Jessup Manufacturing will have exactly what you need to outfit your building and your crew. Reach out to Jessup today, and maximize your ability to protect yourself and others.

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