Photoluminescent Step Tapes Make the Best Egress Markings

Egress markings provide visual aids to individuals as they follow an evacuation route in emergency situations. They are a recommended compliance implementation for supporting primary measures put into place for exit identification. Photoluminescent step tapes supply further assistance as occupants maneuver down stairwells to the nearest area of safety within or outside of a structure. What is the purpose behind these products and why are they vital to any egress plan? Photoluminescence is a form of illumination that involves the absorption of energy from local light sources to be released as a building becomes dark. The green glow provided by these products is capable of remaining visible for hours as lighting conditions change within a structure.

Local codes suggest using these products as a backup implementation to ensure occupants can identify exit points in the event of a main power, battery, or generator failure. Traction tapes supply a gripping surface for counteracting spills, slick shoes, or loss of balance while carrying heavy objects. Photoluminescent step tapes take this a step further by supplying both traction and a visual aid along egress routes. They are an affordable way to prevent falls during daily operations and make certain occupants have what they need to evacuate a structure.

What Advantages Are Gained By Implementing These Products?

Stairways are one of the most dangerous locations for a fall during normal operations and in emergency situations. A spill or loss of balance can result in a serious injury that costs owners or companies thousands of dollars. Complete darkness and panic makes this area highly dangerous at the time of an emergency. A number of components are implemented to ensure individuals are capable of exiting a building; however, each has a possibility of failure. Photoluminescent products are designed to work regardless of surrounding conditions and offer a simple solution for counteracting the unexpected.

Imagine a scenario where backup lighting fails throughout a multi-story structure at the time of an emergency. Occupants residing on the upper floors must make their way through several corridors, sets of stairs, and doors to reach an egress point. Time is of the essence, but a quick exit is near impossible when all visual aids have been eliminated. The combination of slick shoes, pushing, and unknown objects can easily result in a severe injury. Photoluminescent step tapes supply a visual aid for occupants to follow as they descend down unlit stairwells.

The cost of implementation is minimal when compared to the aftermath of the situation described above. Owners can prevent injuries, better guarantee a quick exit, and avoid extensive lawsuits by making this one simple addition to a defined egress plan. Photoluminescent step tapes have durable, sandpaper like surface capable of supplying better gripping ability for counteracting spills or slick soled shoes. In the event of emergency system failures, occupants are provided with an additional aid capable of saving their lives.  Local compliance codes recommend the use of self-luminous products to properly support egress paths and points within a structure. Photoluminescent step tapes provide the necessary aids for supporting a defined evacuation plan and create a safer environment during daily operations.

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