Photoluminescent Non-Skid Tape Is a Smart Egress Choice

As a business owner, it is important to create the safest environment possible for everyone who travels through a commercial structure. Photoluminescent non-skid tape provides the gripping surface and visual aid an individual needs as they exit a building under emergency conditions. Structural conditions during an emergency are capable of creating an accident prone environment. In the case of a fire, the combination of failed lighting and an activated sprinkler system causes various areas to be dangerous as panicked individuals work their way through an egress path. Slick shoes, bumping, and a wet surface create the optimal environment for a falling accident. Gripping tapes are used within a building to supply further traction for counteracting the interaction between slick soles and a wet or oily surface.

Added photoluminescent qualities generate a glow-in-the-dark effect designed to aid in the evacuation process. These items supply additional support to individuals attempting to make their way down a dark hallway or set of stairs. Placing tape in these general structural areas increases occupant safety:

  • Stairs
  • Ramps
  • Landing Areas
  • Loading Docks
  • Around or On Equipment
  • Ladders
  • Uneven Surfaces

The placement of photoluminescent non-skid tapes will greatly depend on the design of a structure. They offer building owners an affordable way to support an egress system and prevent costly accidents.

Why Are Self-Luminous Traction Products a Rewarding Decision?

Self-luminous traction products serve as a secondary support item to already implemented egress measures. Every building is required to have signing, markings, and emergency systems such as alarms in place to direct individuals to the nearest exit point when a crisis occurs. Products consisting of both a gripping surface and self-luminous characteristics combine two essential safety items into one easy to apply solution. A simple glow-in-the-dark tape provides visual assistance, but does nothing to help each person keep their footing in dangerous locations. Photoluminescent anti-skid solutions absorb light from existing sources as daily operations are carried out. In the event of an emergency where lighting is minimal or non-existent, self-luminous traction products re-emit stored energy to supply a consistent green glow that outlines the leading edge of each step or alternative areas throughout a structure. The glow lasts for hours to provide a dependable visual aid and is available regardless of surrounding building conditions.

These products deliver the gripping action needed to prevent a severe fall in situations where the floors have become wet or individuals panic. They additionally provide traction at times when no emergency is present. Wetness caused by outside weather conditions or an unnoticed spill serve as good examples of non-critical situations. Photoluminescent non-skid tapes offer a cost effective solution to building owners desiring a safer egress route.  Glow-in-the-dark gripping tapes consist of a mineral-coated surface capable of offering a visible, supportive area in a blackout situation or when alternatively dangerous conditions are present. The cost of installing this taping solution is minimal compared to the expense of a fall resulting in injury. An owner choosing to install self-luminous options can significantly improve the effectiveness of egress paths where obstacles exist or accidents are common.

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