Photoluminescent Films are the Secret to Greener Exit Signs

If you are a building owner, and you have already implemented photoluminescent egress markers throughout your building, it is likely you feel quite comfortable knowing your building has been installed with the best protection for maximizing the safety of photoluminescent filmspeople in your location. It is very rare to hear a building owner or office manager complain about the green exit signs installed throughout his or her location. Why? Because the glow is bright and aesthetically pleasing, there is no sound or interference coming from the signs, and whoever pays the utility bills has probably noticed a reduction in cost because the safety signage is no longer running on electricity. If you happen to have a building with very large hallways or corridors that probably seem excessive when compared to most other buildings you are likely seeing a big reduction in power usage, but have you thought about the reduction that means to your carbon footprint? In today’s environmentally conscious world, it is great to marry affordable, cost effective, long lasting products with an positive environmental impact. This is the direct result many businesses are experiencing by implementing green exit signs. And we can thank photoluminescent technology for the development of photoluminescent films that give green exit signs their healthy glow.

Photoluminescent films are considered a secret to greener exit signs, both in color and environmental impact. If you should ever feel as if your signs could stand to be “greener”, the following are added advantages to installing photoluminescent exit & egress markings at your business:

  • Photolumoinescent film will further increase the visibility of green exit signs that have been placed in areas considered very dark and exposed to forces that induce a reduction of sight.
  • Photoluminescent films helps green exit signs become more resistant to stains, chemicals, or graffiti related materials that could erode one’s ability to see an egress marker.
  • Photoluminescent films make a green exit sign more durable, stronger, and increases its ability to withstand forces that could physically act against the wear and tear of an exit sign.
  • Photoluminescent films alleviate the need for external power sources, such as electricity, batteries or even the out dated version of exit signs made with tritium.

For more information on the benefits of replacing your old exit signs and egress systems, consult a professional at GloBrite Systems. GloBrite will review what you currently have in place, and help you determine the best photoluminescent products that will save your business time, maintenance, & money, while simultaneously reducing your energy consumption and leaving you feeling good about helping the environment.

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