A Self Luminating Exit Sign – How does it Work?

GlowinthedarkpigmentThe design and inner workings of self luminating is not as difficult to comprehend as you might think. In fact, the science behind the creation of self luminating exit signs is as brilliant as it is simple to understand. You see, it was determined a long while ago that the traditional exit signs – those that could operate only with a direct line of energy provided by an electrical current, and supported with back up batteries – were not only archaic in its method of operation, but also dangerous.

Self-luminating exit signs, also known as glow in the dark signs, operate by absorbing and storing ambient light it catches throughout the day, then uses that energy source as its own to glow in the dark. The materials and components used to design self-luminating exit signs are eco friendly, and are considered a great green alternative when compared to older model exit signs. In addition, self-luminating exit signs counter all the problems with traditional exit signs that were described above. With glow in the dark exit signs, costs and utility bills decrease and reliability improves, as does durability and longevity concerns.

The following lists presents reasons why traditional exit signs should no longer be used:

Unreliable: Far too much maintenance is involved making sure traditional exit signs are working properly. The electric current could fail at any time, as could the back up batteries. In addition, all it would take is a surge in the electrical current to break the exit sign, and there have been instances where exit signs have caught on fire from these surges, or from the exit sign getting too hot.

Expense: Guess what continues to go up every single year, no matter how much money you or your business makes? Utility bills, especially electric bills. Guess what uses electricity in your location twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year? Your location’s exit signs. The truth is, there is no telling how much money you have spent each year on just running your exit signs. If you own a large building or structure and have dozens of exit signs functioning, you can bet that the cost is upwards of thousands of dollars every year.

Durability and longevity concerns: Along with the hassle of constant maintenance needs, traditional exit signs are not known for being built with durable materials, and longevity has always been a concern because of the incessant problems that arise when operating these older model exit signs. Moreover, when it is time to replace your old exit signs, because the materials and components used to design traditional exit signs are deemed hazardous to the environment, disposal of the signs can be difficult and expensive.

The above mentioned reasons, along with some others, should serve as an excellent motivational tool to replace your older exit signs with self-luminating exit signs. Contact us today to discover all the benefits of replacing electric exit signs with photoluminescent exit signs.

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