Protect People by Choosing Photoluminescent Exit Signs

photoluminescent-exit-signsWhen most people think of exit signs, they picture those electric boxes hanging over doorways. Electric exit signs are still the standard in a lot of businesses, but as companies place a greater focus on the safety of their workers as well as the eco-friendliness of their practices, more and more businesses are turning to photoluminescent exit signs.

Protect Your Profits
Photoluminescent exit signs are the best option for safety, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. A company is likely to spend $3,500 every year in energy costs to operate just one hundred electric exit signs. Imagine how high that figure rises when you consider how many exit signs a medium to large business uses across their operations. Photoluminescent signs, on the other hand, require no electricity to operate. They can also be installed at a much lower cost because they don’t require any wiring or bulbs. Plus, while electric exit signs will need new bulbs on a regular basis, photoluminescent signs can be maintained for over 25 years simply by wiping them down every now and then.

Protect the Environment
The other alternative to electric exit signs is tritium-based signs. Unlike photoluminescent signs, tritium signs use radiation to glow. If properly handled and disposed of, tritium signs are considered safe. However, because tritium can be carcinogenic, the EPA has standards for the appropriate handling and disposal of tritium signs. Unfortunately, most tritium signs are improperly disposed of, causing serious damage to the environment.

Protect Your Employees
Photoluminescent exit signs are safer for the planet, and they are also safer for the people in your building. All that electricity required by incandescent exit signs is prone to go out, particularly in emergency situations. If there is a blackout or an emergency which causes the power to go out, electric exit signs will fail. This isn’t the case with photoluminescent signs. When the lights suddenly go out, GloBrite photoluminescent signs are designed to glow for more than 90 minutes, providing ample time for everyone to safely exit the building.

To learn more about the safety benefits of photoluminescent signs — as well as their cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness — contact Jessup Manufacturing Company, the makers of GloBrite® Eco Exit signs, to get answers to your questions from a team member.

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