Product Spotlight: GloBrite® Eco Exit PM100

One of the most popular photoluminescent signs made by Jessup Manufacturing is the GloBrite® Eco Exit PM100. This sign has a number of benefits that make it a top choice among hotels and motels, strip mall retailers, and office building owners.

The PM100 exit sign can be mounted directly to walls or hung from a wall or ceiling. It has a 100 foot viewing distance and 100% reliability. The sign becomes charged by ambient light during normal conditions. During a blackout or fire, the stored energy in the sign will make it immediately start to glow, helping guide people to the nearest exit safely and soundly. As with all GloBrite® exit signs, the PM100 is tested to glow in excess of 90 minutes when fully charged.

Photoluminescent exit sign benefits include their exceptional safety and their low maintenance costs. Whereas electrical exit signs might fail in emergency situations, GloBrite® Eco Exit signs are always collecting ambient light and can work in excess of 25 years. They are also much easier to install and maintain than electric exit signs. With the PM100 sign, you won’t have to worry about any expensive wiring, battery packs, or bulb replacements. Mounting is simple and can be done without expert help. Plus, if you ever need to change your egress path, PM100 signs can be moved with no major hassle or damage to the sign.

Photoluminescent exit signs like the PM100 will also save you money over time because they don’t require any electricity. As long as they are placed in an area where they are regularly exposed to light, they can do their job perfectly without any sort of electrical input. Electric exit signs, on the other hand, can cost thousands of dollars every year to maintain and operate.

Put simply, the PM100 is a much more cost-effective choice than electric exit signs. Photoluminescent exit signs are also the eco-friendly choice because they are 100% recyclable, don’t use any toxic or radioactive materials, last for up to 25 years, and don’t consume any electricity. These signs are currently available in green, red, and black.

To learn more about the various benefits of the GloBrite® Eco Exit PM100 sign, contact our sales team today.

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