How Can Motion Activated Lights and Photoluminescent Signs Work Together

One of the many benefits of photoluminescent egress signs in residential and commercial buildings is that they are eco-friendly. Compared to electric signs, photoluminescent exit signs have a much lower carbon footprint because they don’t require energy to operate, they don’t require any wiring, and they are 100% recyclable. A GloBrite photoluminescent exit sign could remain fully functioning without any need for updates for up to 25 years. That’s why many companies who are looking to be more energy efficient utilize photoluminescent exit signs and path markings.

Our eco-friendly customers often wonder, though, whether glow-in-the-dark exit signs can be used in buildings with motion activated lights. Lighting systems that rely on motion activation can save tremendous amounts of energy and are great for the environment. But if photoluminescent signs need regular light in order to charge, how can these two eco-friendly solutions work together?

The answer is quite simple. Buildings that use motion activated light systems should refrain from using such lights around exits. No matter what type of exit sign you utilize, it’s a good idea to make sure that your exit paths remain well lit at all times during business hours. If exit areas remain regularly lit, there is no reason that you cannot utilize photoluminescent egress systems in your building.

In order to function at maximum efficacy, GloBrite exit signs should be charged for 60 minutes at a minimum of 54 lux. This is an easy mark to achieve for most businesses. When GloBrite signs are installed, a simple light meter can test to ensure that enough light hits the surface of the sign for it to work appropriately. With a full charge, GloBrite exit signs will glow in excess of 90 minutes, in accordance with International Building Code requirements.

Indeed, photoluminescent signs can make your office safer in addition to improving its eco-friendliness, because photoluminescent signs are more likely to work properly in an emergency than electric signs. Electric exit signs rely on a battery pack which should be completely drained and recharged once a year in order to maintain proper function. This tedious and time-consuming task rarely gets done, and building inspectors do a poor job of enforcing this rule. As a result, it’s estimated that 40 to 60% of electric exit signs do not function properly.

Learn more about how you can make your building safer and more environmentally friendly by contacting the makers of GloBrite, Jessup Manufacturing, today.

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