Cut your Company’s Power Bill with Green Exit Signs

JessupPhotoluminescent lightsBuilding owners and business owners are engulfed in never ending financial liabilities that continue to increase overhead and expense. Often, it is hard to consider how building and business owners are able to pay off liabilities, as cost of sustaining a business location are increasing, yet revenue and capital gains have leveled off or are stagnant. With the way the economy has been teetering in America over the last few years, many business and building owners are seeking methods to reduce the cost of overhead. An area where owners could look to cut costs is likely a scenario he or she probably has not even considered. Replacing your building exit signs with green alternatives is a perfect way to reduce your overhead, especially if you have older exit signs that require a direct source of energy to function. These older exit signs actually consume a large amount of energy, and if you have a sizable building filled with numerous exit signs, such as a corporate building or a hotel and casino, there is no telling how much money is being wasted paying the bill to run these dated exit signs.

Replacing your older exit signs with green exit signs – like photoluminescent products – will significantly reduce your utility bill. Green exit signs do not run on a provided energy source, rather, they use ambient light from the surrounding area as energy – which costs nothing. Therefore, reducing power usage with green exit signs will cut your company’s power bill. Depending on the size of your building, owners who have switched to green exit signs have been known to save tens, possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars form year to year. Owners do not realize how much power an older exit sign consumes, and coupled with what seems like an annual increase in the cost of energy usage, owners have been drastically overpaying to use emergency exit signs.

Another reason to make the change to a green exit sign is old emergency exit signs are not nearly as reliable, durable, efficient, or effective as newer model green exit signs. In other words, you are paying too much for an inferior product. There is not a single benefit old emergency exit sings have over modern green exit signs, so consider your business being ripped off by the energy company overcharging and by your signs devouring a ridiculous amount of energy.

GloBrite Systems will help you reduce your power usage through the transition to green exit signs, subsequently leading to a cut in your company’s power bill. GloBrite has been providing green exit signs created with photoluminescent technology, and their professionals can help you make a swift and painless switch to a better exit sign that costs much less than the outdated alternative. Stop paying for an inferior product, and outfit your building with a safer, inexpensive alternative that will better protect your building’s occupants. Act now, and cut your company’s power bill with green exit signs.

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