Can Certain Exit Signs Actually Save Businesses Money?

power free exit signsAt present, there is a worldwide push for businesses and building owners to seek eco friendly, green alternative methods of energy to use within their structures, instead of exhausting the more harmful, more expensive, and less available energy sources. As it pertains to the implementation of exit signs within buildings, we have currently a right way, and an incorrect way of using these emergency egress products concerning both its relative cost and absorption of natural energy resources, as well as the carbon footprint it can leave on the environment. Focusing on the aspect of saving money, any business of building still using exit signs that need to be plugged in, or hooked up to a direct energy source is costing business owners dearly, as the exorbitant cost attached to electrical exit sign needing a direct current of power is no longer the only option. As a matter of fact, today, the use of any exit signs with cords is the worst decision you can make for safety, and for your company’s overhead.

Businesses and building owners are able to save money by choosing an eco friendly, green alternative exit sign infused with photoluminescent technology, because this emergency egress technology no longer requires exit signs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function as intended. Photoluminescent exit signs also do not need batteries installed in order to operate, or even as a backup solution, in the event the primary method of technical functionality becomes incapacitated. The elimination of the reliance on an electrical current and a battery operated emergency egress device significantly reduces a building owners utility bill, as well as the utility cost for a business. Because photoluminescent technology can be used in exit signs, every single exit sign in a building still using electricity can be replaced with a photoluminescent exit sign that will never use electricity during its entire life cycle. Any way you look at it, transitioning from an older electric exit sign to a photoluminescent exit sign automatically saves you a vast amount of money.

How does photoluminescent technology work? Simple. If you have a photoluminescent exit sign designed with photoluminescence, it is simply absorbing the ambient (surrounding) light around it. As the exit sign absorbs the light, it is simultaneously acting to store it for use, and glows a bright color so the exit sign can be read and observed from any distance in a large building hallway or corridor. Photoluminescent technology has proven, after heavy evaluation and testing from federal regulatory committees, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be one hundred percent effective and efficient, with a much stronger reliability and durability standard when compared to any other type of exit sign. Photoluminescent exit signs also require much less maintenance, and have a much longer life cycle than other exit sign models.

Fact: The utilization of photoluminescent exit signs in your building will save building owners and businesses money. Make the switch to photoluminescent exit signs, and use the money you will save on other business essentials.

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