A Reliable Green Product that Truly Saves a Business Money

photoluminescent exit signsAlthough most businesses love the idea of getting behind a reliable green product that will improve the efficiency of their business by reducing its emissions and carbon footprint, most often the business is hamstrung due to the inability to afford the transition to the green product. This is because most often, a reliable green product, while great in theory, will cost an inordinate amount of money, which consequently will cost a business more in both the sort term and long term. Take, for example, the solar power industry, whose use of solar power panels to absorb the suns rays and turn that into usable energy would cost homes and businesses so much, that the estimates return on investment was close to two decades. In other words, business would be shelling out more money for roughly twenty years before they saw a reduction in their overhead.

So, what is a business to do if they desire implementing cost effective green solutions, but cannot find a product they can afford? Luckily, there does exist a reliable green product that businesses and business owners can get behind – eco friendly exit signs. Green alternative emergency exit signs are a reliable green product that truly saves a business money. Eco friendly emergency exit signs do not rely on a consistent flow of electricity to operate, unlike what you most likely have implemented at present. Older emergency signs are connected to a direct power source that sends electricity to the sign for it to function as needed. This means your safety signage is gradually increasing your utility bill on a daily basis. Moreover, anyone who is responsible for paying that bill knows that the cost of energy consumption has risen to astronomical heights over the last several years.

Green exit signs, those designed with photoluminescent technology have proven to save businesses money. Depending on the size of your building and quantity of emergency exit signs needed for your building, it is estimated that a business can save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. No matter the size of your business, the switch to a reliable green exit sign that does not require an electric current, which allows you to rid yourself of one that does, will reduce the cost of your utilities, period. In addition, your business will receive all the added benefits and enhancements of switching to green egress markers, such as zero volatile organic compound emissions (VOCs), increased life expectancy of the green product, safer operational value, and reduced toxicity to humans and the environment.

To acquire more information about how reliable green products can save your business money, contact GloBrite Systems. GloBrite can provide all the information you need about green emergency exit signs, especially those infused with photoluminescent technology. There are so many benefits, with zero detraction, to making the change to green alternative egress products. Let the professionals at GloBrite help you switch today.

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