What are the Different Types of Photoluminescent Egress Components?

wireless emergency exit signsBecause of how beneficial photoluminescent technology has proven to be when infused to egress markers and safety signage, along with how popular photoluminescent products have become with industrial organizations and other types of businesses, because their believe in its safety potential, companies that design products with photoluminescence are introducing them to all kinds of safety components. Today, industrial organizations and other types of businesses can find photoluminescent technology in several different kinds of egress components. The following information will provide some insight into the latest safety markers and egress components that now have photoluminescent technology installed within its material makeup:

  • Flexible and/or semi rigid marking film – Photoluminescent marking film is a way to add a safety component to locations where people need to be alerted to the potential dangers associated with coming into close proximity to the area. This durable, high tack marking film can be placed around doorframes, door handles, push bars, flooring, handrails, and virtually any prominent area where you feel as though people need help locating or seeing certain places that could be missed by the naked eye. Photoluminescent marking film provides an added visual benefit and will alert people to whatever it is that need to be viewed and heeded as either a safety option or a safety precaution.
  • Egress pathway strips – Photoluminescent egress pathway strips offer assistance for people needing to follow a certain path that would otherwise be difficult to navigate under circumstances without the presence of photoluminescent materials. For example, if the call for evacuation is called for in your location, and the power is out, photoluminescent egress pathway strips, when installed throughout a location, will glow in the dark, illuminating the pathway people can follow that will lead them to safety. Photoluminescent egress pathways strips can be placed on walls and the floor.
  • Safety track tape – Photoluminescent safety track tape provides the necessary friction and foot traction in areas that can become slippery due to liquid spillage or the accumulation of condensation. The photoluminescent element in the safety track tape will make the product visible in dark and hard to see locations, which will help prevent injuries that stem from accidental slips and falls in tricky areas, such as stairwells, steps, and any potentially slick areas.
  • Stripe tape – Photoluminescent stripe tape can be placed on items, products, and objects, such as machinery, walls, barrels, crates, or on anything that presents an obstacle when trying to navigate a pathway to safety, while trying to do so in the dark. When evacuating a premises, a number of obstructions in the pathway could present itself as prohibitory to reaching the safe area. With photoluminescent stripe tape placed on these objects, people will be aware of the oncoming obstacles, and will be able to safely navigate around the obstacles so they no longer present any threat or danger.

Egress and fire safety signage – Photoluminescent egress and fire safety signage will make all strategically placed egress markers and safety signage easily visible by those following the signs while trying to reach safety in the dark, or in a scenario where it is hard to see, like a smoky room, hallway or corridor made that way from a fire outbreak.

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