Time to Update your Evacuation Signage? Consider Photoluminescence Products

photoluminescent evacuation signsYou are a building owner, and you have an established building that has been erected for years, perhaps even decades, it would be a good bet that you are using old, and possibly outdated evacuation signage throughout your building. Granted, you have gone this long without having any problems, most likely because you have been fortunate enough not to have to deal with any situations that call for your occupants to have to evacuate. However, significant strides have been made for evacuation signage, namely in the form of photoluminescent technology. Along with other huge benefits to transitioning to photoluminescent products, which will be discussed later in this blog, as a building owner, is it not an imperative to be absolutely ready in case you do have to deal with an unfortunate scenario that force your occupants to evacuate?

Building owners who have older evacuation signage, especially those that are hooked up to a power source in order to operate, need to become familiar with photoluminescent products. Photoluminescent evacuation signage is the latest and greatest in emergency exit signs. They are made of eco friendly, green alternative materials that absorb ambient light, store that light, and then use it to glow in the dark. Sounds too good to be true? Most regulatory committees are so impressed with the results of photoluminescent products that they are making their implementation as evacuation signage mandatory in many states. Why? Because photoluminescent products are a far superior egress product in every way, including a much more efficient functionality, dominant longevity, superior durability, and the fact that photoluminescence is eco friendly. In addition, photoluminescent products do not need a power source in order to operate. Therefore, once you install photoluminescent materials throughout your building, you can guarantee that your utility bill will decrease significantly.

Most importantly, photoluminescent products are safer to use than older egress markers, and they provide much better safety and a much greater likelihood that everyone evacuating your building will exit safely, without harm or foul. Older evacuation signage was not reliable, because it had to operate on a power source, meaning if that power source failed, the evacuation signage failed. In addition, there have been documented times when evacuation signage hooked into a direct power source became a fire hazard, as, albeit scarcely, the materials would run too hot and catch on fire. Ironic that a product meant to keep you safe and assist an evacuation could cause such a calamity.

GloBrite Systems can assist you with updating your evacuation signage to photoluminescent products. GloBrite has been a provider of photoluminescent materials for a long time, can help answer any questions you have regarding the products. Get out of the Stone Age, and install the best in evacuation signage. Keep your occupants as safe as possible.

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