Three Reasons to Embrace Photoluminescent Egress Systems

Incredible strides have been made pertaining to egress systems in buildings. Today, such technology is available that as completely revolutionized the industry. Photoluminescent egress systems have completely changed the way building owners go about installing emergency signage throughout their structure. The development of photoluminescent egress systems is considered such an accomplishment that has changed the landscape of emergency exit signs, so much so that federal regulatory committees, including OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), are making its implementation as the premier safety egress systems mandatory in most states. There are several reasons to embrace photoluminescent egress systems, and the following will list three that should provoke business owners to make the switch to photoluminescence, if they have not made the change already.

  1. Green Alternative; Reduces Carbon Footprint: Photoluminescent egress systems are made with eco friendly materials that are biodegradable and are harmless to those who contact with the product, as well as safe for the environment. In addition, photoluminescence is self-sustainable, meaning it does not require a direct current of supplied energy or electricity to function (no electrical outputs and no battery usage).
  1. Reduction in costs and overhead: The benefits mentioned in reason one directly segue into reason two. Because photoluminescent egress systems are eco friendly, allowing the product to be self-sustainable, it does not require any utility in order to function. Photoluminescent technology absorbs the energy produced from ambient light, stores the energy, then utilizes that energy to become operational and effectively emitting a bright, long lasting glow. Unlike other emergency signage, photoluminescence does not require energy consumption that directly affects your energy bills or overhead. Conversely, all building owners who have switched to the technology see a reduction in their utility bills and overhead.
  1. The best egress system on the market today: Photoluminescence has been tried and tested repeatedly, and the results remain the same. Photoluminescent egress systems are more reliable, more durable, more efficient, longer lasting (up to twenty-five years of dedicated usage before disposing), and an overall safer product to implement in your building.

For more information on why you should embrace photoluminescent egress systems, contact GloBrite Systems. GloBrite has been helping building owners incorporate innovative and safe emergency signage for over a decade, and their company stands behind photoluminescent technology. A GloBrite professional is ready to help you make the change to the best egress system available.

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