Photoluminescent Signage is Fail-Safe During Power Outages

If you are a building owner, and your building suffers a power outage, that last thing you could possibly want is for your supposedly failsafe emergency exit signage to fail, especially if the power outage happens because of a catastrophic event that mandates an immediate evacuation. A flood of people trying to evacuate a building in the dark is an absolute recipe for disaster, as the likelihood of people becoming injured fleeing in a blind panic is practically guaranteed. The chances of something as drastic and dire as what is described here happening are unlikely, but if you have been following the news over the last decade and a half, you know that anything is possible, and that it pays off to have your building as safe, secure, and protected as possible. The only way to really guarantee a fail-safe plan during a power outage is to have photoluminescent signage installed throughout your building.  

Photoluminescent signage has proven, through constant testing against other available emergency egress markers, to be the most durable, reliable, and efficient egress markers available. This notion is solidified by the fact that regulatory committees are making the use of photoluminescent signage mandatory in several states, with more to follow. Utilizing photoluminescent signage is an obvious choice for building safety for the recent mentioned reasons, and the fact that these egress markers are less expensive, longer lasting, and are an ecofriendly alternative. The pushing of photoluminescent signage to become a mandatory staple in buildings by regulatory organizations, because it has proven to be a fail safe during power outages, is reason alone to make the switch to this comprehensive type of egress marking system.  Add to that the benefits of no power needed, no electricity, no batteries, no bulbs, no wires, virtually maintenance free and you can see what a smart choice photoluminescent safety products truly are.

If you still feel as if you need more information regarding photoluminescent signage, contact GloBrite. GloBrite has been in the business of providing photoluminescent signage to building owners in need of a fail safe during power outages for many years. A GloBrite representative would be happy to educate you on the intricacies of photoluminescent signage, and assist you in finding the best method to incorporate this undeniably effective egress path marker in your building. With photoluminescent technology, you will never have to worry about failures with emergency exit signs & egress path markings again.

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