Photoluminescent Products Provide Better Egress Safety Options than Radioluminescent

Radioluminescent products have been the primary self-luminous signing option on the egress market for many years; however, the question of whether or not they are the best choice still remains to be answered. These signs continue to be safe as long as they are handled correctly and not allowed to enter the atmosphere, but are susceptible to breaking during improper handling. Photoluminescent products provide a safer choice over more traditional Radioluminescent identifiers because they do not contain harmful materials or make use of them to illuminate an exit location. Safety is not the only reason for considering upgrading to a better egress component. Tritium signs are more costly to maintain and dispose of than alternative products. The average expense necessary to replace one identifier can be as much as one-hundred fifty dollars. This cost quickly adds up based on the number of exit doors there are throughout a structure. Additionally, Tritium identifiers have a shorter lifespan than photoluminescent products and their supplied usage time period varies.

What Benefits Are Offered By Photoluminescent Choices?

These products offer several advantages over choosing Radioluminescent identifiers as emergency aids. First, this self-luminous choice does not contain toxic materials that are harmful to the environment and people. Tritium is a form of hydrogen gas capable of mixing with oxygen and contaminating the surrounding environment. Photoluminescent products do not require wiring or electricity to be installed and remain dependable with minimal care throughout an average lifespan of twenty-five years. The duration of use for Tritium options ranges from ten to twenty years; however, they rarely meet the twenty year mark since the gas is exhausted much quicker than the quoted timeframe and at a different rate per sign.

Tritium identifiers have to be installed, handled, and disposed according to guidelines set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This increases the cost of use in addition to making compliance process more difficult. Photoluminescent products offer a safer alternative for egress compliance by removing the concern of toxic materials. They additionally entail a lower overall usage cost, which spans over a longer duration of time. Owners making this choice over available alternatives are able to lower energy expenses, provide a reliable visual aid, and decrease the tasks required to remain compliant with local building codes.

This self-luminous choice has specific environmental benefits due to its recyclable qualities and lack of toxic materials. Owners choosing to implement photoluminescent products as part of their egress system are able to promote the eco-friendliness of their structures. The feature is intriguing whether appealing to a customer or residential market. It is not as easy to say a structure is eco-friendly and completely harmless when radioactive components have been implemented at egress points. Even with the best care, owners have to spend an increased amount of money to ensure Radioluminescent signs remain up to par. The cost of disposal is higher for Tritium identifiers than any other type of compliance signing. If you have been seeking the safest, most reliable solution for maintaining an egress compliant structure, photoluminescent products are the way to go and nothing could be safer for the environment!

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