Photoluminescent Materials Help First Responders

If you have been following the GloBrite blogs on our site for a while, then you will know that much discussion, focus, and attention has been paid to photoluminescent materials. The reason for saturating our audience with detailed information regarding the benefits of this technology is that it is believed that building owners, and those who would largely benefit from incorporating photoluminescence, are not transitioning at a rate one would expect. When a clearly dominant product has become available that can alter the safety of your location with unbelievably improved efficiency, one would think that making the change, especially when that change is the most cost effective option in the industry, would be performed with haste. Unfortunately, the masses have not galvanized in the manner most have expected. This could lend to the reason why organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (OSHA) are making the transition mandatory for businesses and industries that use products where photoluminescence could be placed in its stead.

Photoluminescent materials help in so many ways. From an occupant’s perspective, photoluminescent technology can help people find safety with more efficiency and speed than any other product. Photoluminescent materials help building owners because it is proven to be more efficient in the event of a crisis, and it is also more cost effective – requiring less supplied energy and maintenance than any other safety product. In the event that help is called during a crisis, photoluminescent materials help first responders who report to a location needing their assistance.Globriteimage

How does photolumoinescent technology help first responders? Often times, during a crises, first responders will have to enter a building being evacuated to help occupants who might be injured, lost, trapped, or are having their evacuation impeded for some reason, and are unable to make it to safety. Even though first responders are trained for dire situations such as these, it is still complicated to move about rooms and corridors if there is thick smoke engulfing the area. First responders must be able to see the signs so it can help them travel to and from the outside and inside of a building as simply as possible while helping people flee the treacherous areas of the building.

Because photoluminescent materials have proven to be the most highly visible egress markers available, first responders have to rely and depend on this technology, and they back the Department of Energy and other regulatory committee’s push to make the use of photoluminescent materials mandatory for all locations that use safety signage.

GloBrite Systems understands the reliance first responders have on photoluminescent technology, as they are one of the pioneers of offering information and products infused with this awesome safety and eco friendly technology. If you call GloBrite, one of their representatives will explain everything you need to know regarding photoluminescent materials, and will also help you install these products throughout your building, vehicles, tunnels, oil rigs, or any structure that could use photoluminescent safety signage.

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