Photoluminescent Lighting Offers Safe & Cost Saving Options for Emergency Egress Lighting

Backup lighting is an essential component to any egress system and entails a certain degree of maintenance to ensure availability during an unexpected crisis. Emergency egress lighting is a battery operated item that illuminates corridors or stairwells automatically as power fails throughout a structure. These items are a standard safety component for commercial and residential buildings. They allow occupants to see as they follow defined routes to the nearest exit. Battery powered emergency egress lighting is far better than relying on a generator to kick in as main electricity sources fail; however, these items still have to be tested regularly and receive bulb changes to guarantee operation. Neglected battery changes or testing result in individuals not having the proper visual aids during an evacuation. People have been injured or trapped within multi-story buildings for many hours as a result of neglected maintenance.

Photoluminescent Lighting Supplies a Dependable Backup Source

Most regulations call for emergency egress lighting to be in place for meeting compliance standards. Owners may install additional precautionary items to make certain occupants have a visual indicator of each exit point regardless of building conditions. Photoluminescent lighting is a series of markings and signs designed to provide a consistently lit path to exit points within a building. These products absorb light during daily operations, store it, and then release the energy as a green glow at times when structure conditions change. What happens in instances where emergency egress lighting fails and no other measures are in place to aid occupants? Individuals will have no way of knowing their current location or the proper direction to quickly leave the structure. This scenario could result in massive panic where individuals become injured or trapped within an unsafe building. Photoluminescent lighting allows occupants to have a visual path as other safety components fail to come through.

An Affordable Choice for Increased Evacuation Safety

Photoluminescent products serve as a reliable, cost effective secondary option for accommodating unexpected evacuation component failures. These signs have an average purchasing price of fifty to one-hundred dollars. While electrical options are less expensive to buy, wiring and maintenance increase the total expense of implementing light emitting diode or traditional incandescent choices. Additionally, they require a constant electrical source such as a backup generator or battery power. These factors drastically heighten the cost of exit path identification items and are not one-hundred percent reliable. Photoluminescence delivers a self-illuminating solution that does not entail a vast amount of maintenance or expenses after completing installation.

The cost of ownership for a photoluminescent sign totals around two-hundred dollars over a ten year time period. Bulb changes, wiring installation, battery tests, and additional tasks are not required with this egress safety component. Installation takes only a few minutes by using a couple of screws in the desired area. Photoluminescent lighting costs less to install and serves as a good failsafe at times when primary backup measures become unavailable. They are an affordable technology for supporting already installed emergency egress lighting and owners choosing to implement these self-luminous components are better able to protect their occupants under the most extreme emergency conditions.

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