Photoluminescent Exit Signs Create Reliable, Safe Evacuation Routes

Even though any building owner would tell you the last thing he or she wants to think about is a serious or unfortunate event that would cause people to immediately evacuate the premises, the thought process is necessary. If building owners want to create safe and reliable evacuation routes, they need to install photoluminescent exit signs. Building owners desire the safest and most reliable egress markings available, and that is achieved through the implementation of photoluminescent signage.

Safety, First and Foremost

Most important, above all, is the safety of people needing to evacuate a building in the middle of a catastrophic event. A building fire could create smoky hallways and corridors, and an earthquake could cause a blackout—any of these dire scenarios makes for difficult sight throughout an obstructed hallway. Evacuation routes must be lit up as best as it can, and the only way to ensure that is to have photoluminescent exit signs throughout your building. These egress markings have proven to be the easiest to see in a smoky room or hallway, and the brightest in a pitch-black room. These two key elements make photoluminescent signage the best of its class.

Reliable, No Matter the Circumstance

A heavy storm, tornado, earthquake, fire blackout, tsunami, end of the world—no matter what is happening to cause a cataclysmic event that is affecting your building, the egress markings you have installed throughout your building must work. Fortunately, not only are photoluminescent exit signs the safest egress signage available, they are also the most reliable. These safety signs have been known to work for over twenty-five thousand hours without going out, and they do not rely on electric current to operate. This means that no matter the circumstance or condition of the building, there is no reason for your photoluminescent exit signs to not work.

Photoluminescent signage creates the most reliable and safest evacuation routes possible under any condition or circumstance. Do not take our word for it; give the products a shot, and you will see why photoluminescent exit signs are becoming an industry standard.

GloBrite Systems – a branch of Jessup Manufacturing –  is the only U.S. manufacturer of Photoluminescent Signage (Glow in the Dark Exit Signs).   Our Photoluminescent technology is available in Exit Signs, Fire Safety Signs & Egress Systems. Since we manufacture right here  in the US, our company is able to produce quality, affordable, signs with a smaller environmental impact.  Browse our products or if you don’t see something you are looking for, just contact us and we will be glad to help.


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