Photoluminescent Exit Signs Provide Preferred Building Egress Safety

When it comes to building egress safety, every building owner will tell you the goal is always the same—to provide safety, first and foremost. To accomplish that goal, building owners are installing photoluminescent safety signs throughout their building hallways and corridors. Once this move is complete, building owners can say, without hesitation, they have indeed achieved safety first. Today, simply providing a safe exit route through a building is not enough, as one must take into account environmental aspects, such as ecofriendly alternatives, less energy consumption, and reducing health hazards.

Fortunately, when implementing photoluminescent exit signs throughout your building, owners can rest assured they have accomplished secondary needs, along with the primary need of safety. Our photoluminescent markings incorporate a green alternative, or solution, by offering products that consume little, to zero energy, are nonelectric, one hundred percent recyclable, and are nontoxic and nonradioactive. Another reason our products are the preferred method of building egress safety is due to what all the above-mentioned adds up to – saving money. Because our markings consume practically no energy, building owners spend less on their electrical utility.

Another great feature to our products is the zero maintenance for over twenty-five years guarantee. Unlike dated technology, such as LED and incandescent signage, photoluminescent exit signs absorb and store ambient light and do not require the changing of bulbs or the replacement of batteries—an additional reason as to why building owners can reduce their overhead.

Why install or keep old safety sign technology when the clear, preferred method of building egress safety is photoluminescent exit signage? If you are a building owner who continues to spend too much on inefficient egress components, you need to make the change to photoluminescent technology. By doing so, you will implement what industry insiders believe is, bar none, the best building egress safety products on the market today.

GloBrite Systems – a branch of Jessup Manufacturing –  is the only U.S. manufacturer of Photoluminescent Signage (Glow in the Dark Exit Signs).   Our Photoluminescent technology is available in Exit Signs, Fire Safety Signs & Egress Systems. Since we manufacture right here  in the US, our company is able to produce quality, affordable, signs with a smaller environmental impact.  Browse our products or if you need assistance contact us.

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