Photoluminescent Egress Signs – Greener, Safety Solutions

Eco-friendliness and energy savings are two of the hottest topics among businesses today. Several products have been made available to aid companies in creating greener processes or structures. Building egress code compliance is an area where many companies have struggled to make this change. Traditional safety components consume a vast amount of power and do not provide a reliable visual aid in all types of emergencies. Incandescent lighted signs have been the norm for years; however, they rack up electrical costs. Owners began to switch to fluorescent or light emitting diode solutions to eliminate some of the expenses associated with code compliant signing. Tritium products were the next step toward energy free egress signing and while these self-luminous options do resolve the problem of electricity usage, they create the possibility of releasing radioactive materials into the environment. Photoluminescent egress signs are the latest available solution for companies to drastically decrease the cost of safety code compliance and create a greener building.

What Is Photoluminescence?

Photoluminescence is a form of illumination that involves the absorption and storage of light photons to be released at a later time. It is unique because the stored photons remain inactive until conditions change. As light decreases, the photons become excited to an increased energy state. This causes the material to glow for minutes or hours as the photons are re-radiated. Photoluminescent egress signs use phosphorescence to maintain the necessary glowing effect for an extended period of time to aid occupants in locating exit doors or paths during an emergency. A unique pigment is used to accomplish the absorption of light photons and houses the energy until the time of need. The photons become excited when lighting conditions change and the supplied emitted green glow can be seen for hours as individuals evacuate a structure. Photoluminescent egress signs require no electricity to be seen and minimal maintenance to remain effective.

Why is Photoluminescent Signing the Best Solution?

Only one safety product choice provides the electrical savings and eco-friendly properties sought out by owners for compliance purposes. Photoluminescent signing is an environmentally safe, cost effective choice for any sized structure. While Tritium does provide the same electrical use reduction benefits, it is difficult to maintain as tubes within the identifiers have to be handled carefully to avoid release of radiation. A tube breakage is specifically dangerous to the environment. Tritium identifiers are one of the most expensive types of egress compliance products to purchase and dispose due to their radioactive properties. Photoluminescent egress signs do not contain toxic materials like the alternative choice of Tritium. Owners deciding to implement these signs gain the benefits of zero-energy, reduced maintenance, easy disposal, and a significant cost reduction. Photoluminescent signing takes only a few minutes to install and remains visible in the worst emergency conditions. Owners choosing this alternative for energy savings not only create a greener building, but also ensure occupants have the necessary visual aids for quickly exiting a structure. GloBrite offers numerous photoluminescent products to owners who desire to make a structure safer for everyone walking through its doors.

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