Creative Safety Products Made with Photoluminescent Materials

For a long time, building owners, office managers, and individuals responsible for the safety and upkeep of safety protocol as it pertains to areas where a significant amount of people congregate for a long period had not choice but to use traditional methods of egress safety. Often, this included emergency exit signs dependent on a direct current of electricity in order to operate. Not only did this method of utilizing safety products in a given location cost a fortune for business owners to operate, but also was not an entirely efficient method of providing safety measure for people occupying these locations. Yes, almost all building and businesses found in large office spaces had auxiliary power to run on in the event that a significant event knocked out the main power, but there were instances where auxiliary power did not function as needed, and people trying to evacuate buildings were unable to follow the emergency signage. In other words, there were times where building owners were paying a fortune for egress signage, and in the rare occurrences that the emergency exit signs were needed, they did not function according to need.

Luckily, companies involved in the industry of providing the best safety products for the purpose of helping people evacuate locations and find safety have made incredible strides where we now have unbelievable technology that is considered by far the best implementation of safety measures ever to be assembled. Developing companies got creative and designed safety products with what is knows as photoluminescent materials, which is an eco friendly and green alternative science that allows safety products to run without a dedicated direct electric current, and can glow in the dark simply by storing and using energy absorbed from ambient light. Photoluminescent materials are extremely cost effective, and have saved building owners tens of thousands (in some instances hundreds of thousands) of dollars every year on energy bills and maintenance upkeep.

The list of advantages for installing photoluminescent materials is incredibly long:

  • Eco friendly and green alternative solution, meaning it does not need electrical current to function; it is self sufficient based on surrounding light
  • Very Cost effective; because it does not need electricity, it does not play a part in your utility bills.
  • Requires far lees upkeep, and has proven to last much longer than competing safety products (can last as long as twenty-five years before needing replacement)
  • Photoluminescent materials are more durable (can withstand harsh environments), biodegradable (safe for the environment), and safe for people to handle.

The list of advantages goes on; which is why you need to contact GloBrite Systems to learn more about why safety products made with photoluminescent materials is by far the best emergency safety system available today. GloBrite can help you transition to this creative brand of safety products, and can provide you photoluminescent materials so you can outfit your building and office space with the best safety products ever.

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