Creating a Safe Path with Photoluminescent Egress Markings

photoluminescentstairmarkingsOne of the most vital aspects of ensuring occupants of a building reach a safe location should they be required to evacuate a premises is to make sure that the pathway towards minimum safe distance is completely safe. Keep in mind that, during an evacuation situation, people will be in a panic, and problematic circumstances may arise that could make a pathway hard to navigate, such as darkness due to a power outage and obstacles that block the path. These issues will make following a path toward safety during an emergency all the more difficult than it would already be because the threat of personal harm and injury involved. Fortunately, there are methods that can be implemented that will make navigating a pathway during an emergency much easier that will create a safe pathway for occupants evacuating. The installation of photoluminescent egress markings will ensure a safe path is created should a situation occur that forces people to evacuate a building or structure.

Photoluminescent egress markings provide glow in the dark properties that will illuminate a pathway, which is incredibly helpful should the power be knocked out and the lighting in the area no longer work. The thought of people trying to find their way through hallways, stairways, and corridors is quite troublesome, and any such notion of this dire scenario can be immediately quelled with the installation of photoluminescent egress markings. You see, photoluminescent technology takes away the reliance of egress products on a direct source of energy, like an electrical current to an outlet. Instead, photoluminescent technology allows for the product that is infused with the superior technology to absorb and store the energy emitted from ambient light, then use that energy for its own purposes, which, in this case, is to emanate its glow in the dark property. Moreover, photoluminescent technology has proven, through research and analysis, to be far superior in its reliability, durability, and longevity over all other competing products on the market today. These findings are backed by the fact the federal regulatory agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) completely support the findings regarding photoluminescent technology and endorse its use by all buildings, structures, and businesses nationwide.

Creating a safe path of egress, and ensuring the optimal safety for the pathway, has never been easier than it is now with the help of photoluminescent egress markings. If you desire additional information concerning photoluminescent egress markings, contacting a GloBrite professional will help you learn more about this safety product. The experts at GloBrite are happy to assist its customers in any way to make sure they have a definitive understanding of how all of our products work to its utmost potential.

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