Cost Effective Egress Markings are Made Simple with Photoluminescent Evacuation Products

If you have done your research on our site, you will have read the factual evidence pertaining to photoluminescent evacuation products as the safest and most reliable egress markings available on the market today. Another key factor that puts these types of exit signs at the top of its class over its competition is the cost effectiveness of the products. Photoluminescent exit signs are considered zero energy consumers, because these products do not rely on an electric current to work, which incandescent lighting does.

Building owners can save an incredible amount of money by installing or switching to photoluminescent evacuation products. In addition, because photoluminescent egress markings are made with ecofriendly materials, the products are also cost effective concerning people and our environment. Combine that with zero electricity consumption (meaning a huge savings on the building’s utility bill), and building owners can feel good about incorporating an ecofriendly, environment saving safety signs that promise to lighten the load regarding overhead.

Who would have thought that simplicity is the best measure when installing safety precautions throughout a building? Use environmentally conscious, recyclable products, make them free from the need of electricity, and you come up with the best available safety measures on the market. And we are not talking miniscule or nominal savings, as it has been proven that a building owner who replaces one hundred incandescent exit signs with photoluminescent evacuation products will save over $3,500 a year in energy costs.

The research has provided the proof – photoluminescent egress markings are the most cost effective safety signage available for building to have installed throughout its hallways and corridors. If you have not already, act now, and start saving on utility bills, maintenance fees, and begin implementing ecofriendly alternatives that will reduce harm to the environment and ourselves. Evacuating a building is more than enough to worry about; people should not have to worry about safety signs emanating hazardous materials though the air.

GloBrite Systems – a branch of Jessup Manufacturing –  is the only U.S. manufacturer of Photoluminescent Signage (Glow in the Dark Exit Signs).  Our Photoluminescent technology is available in Exit Signs, Fire Safety Signs & Egress Systems. Since we manufacture right here  in the US, our company is able to produce quality, affordable, signs with a smaller environmental impact.  Browse our products or if you don’t see something you are looking for, just contact us and we will be glad to help.


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