Can Photoluminescent Technology Make your Building Safer?

Today, building owners are provided several options regarding egress markers, all of which promise to make your building safer. There are options that require a traditional electric current in order to operate, Tritium technology that uses gas to illuminate egress markers, and photoluminescent technology that stores ambient light and transfers it into usable energy. If you were to perform research on your own, you will likely find information for all of the three egress marking options that state its benefits. However, research conducted by professionals in the industry, including regulatory committees, points to photoluminescent technology as the best option for outfitting your building with the most reliable and efficient egress signage. Below, you will find information that explains why photoluminescent technology makes your building safer.

As mentioned previously, several egress products have been put to the test many times, and photoluminescent technology lasts much longer – about twenty-five years – than any of its competitors. In addition, photoluminescent technology is more cost efficient and requires less maintenance than any of its competitor products. It is also made with eco friendly materials, making photoluminescent technology the best green alternative egress product on the market. Nevertheless, the reason why photoluminescent technology makes your building safer is that its durability, efficiency, and reliability rank the best when compared to any other emergency exit sign product. In addition, photoluminescent technology makes the egress sign glow brighter for much longer than any other emergency sign product. Ask regulatory organizations such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) what their firm thinks, considering they are taking measures to making photoluminescent technology a mandatory staple in all buildings.

Another reputable company you can retrieve information from is GloBrite. GloBrite Systems has been helping building owners implement the best quality egress markers available for over a decade. They can explain as well as any business in the industry why photoluminescent technology makes your building safer.

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