California Building Earthquake Preparedness – What’s your Evacuation Plan?

Depending on the part of the country you live in ­– southerners fear tropical storms and hurricanes, midwesterners fear tornadoes, and northerners fear snow and ice storms – one might assume the westerners have it easy. In truth, the notion that west coast dwellers have it easy when it comes to natural disasters, clearly shows you have never been through an earthquake. When it comes to earthquakes, there have been crazy predictions indicating that one day a strong enough earthquake could happen that separates the state of California from the rest of the country, causing unprecedented devastation of which this world has never seen. Though the idea might sound silly to some, the fact still remains that high magnitude earthquakes bring about devastating consequences that will destroy anything in its path. This probably sounds quite ominous, but luckily, there are steps that can be taken to minimize the travesty brought on from earthquakes. Attention Californians – especially those who own buildings, office spaces, or spend a lot of time residing in a building ­– concerning building earthquake preparedness, what is your evacuation plan? globriteimage4

California building owners attempting extravagant safety preparedness for an earthquake might sound fruitless, but GloBrite Systems, a company that has been offering emergency exit signs, egress markers, and safety signs to businesses for several years, is here to tell you that there are measures you should take to reduce the devastation in the event an earthquake occurs. GloBrite provides photoluminescent technology, a green alternative, eco friendly way to ensure egress signage functions and stays visible no matter what the situation, and without a supplied source of electricity. This means if the power goes out, photoluminescent signage stays on. Photoluminescent products have proven to be effective and reliable, no matter what natural disaster occurs. Once the earthquake has occurred these safety signs will lead the people in your office or building to a safe place outside of the building, where help can be located.

Installing eco friendly exit signs is simple, inexpensive, will save money and more importantly will save lives in the event of any natural disaster. Speak to a GloBrite professional to learn more about preventive measures during earthquakes in California. While earthquakes are few and far between, it only takes one to wreak terrible havoc. Allow a GloBrite representative to help you minimize the impact an earthquake has on your building, and learn how you can save the lives of Californians in the process.

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