Photoluminescent Coatings for Safety Products

GlowinthedarkpigmentIf you or your business is part of an industry where the use of safety products is prevalent and widespread, you have probably seen, tried out, and used all types of products, designed and built in countless different ways. While all of these safety products make promises that may or might not prove to be true, it is usually worth the try in the never-ending pursuit of finding safety products and materials that offer the maximum in protection in every hazardous circumstance. Finally, and as most people who have tried this variance of safety product can attest, there is a type of coating available where the universal consensus is that it is the best addition to safety products that has ever been created. The coating is made with a technology known as photoluminescence.

Photoluminescent coating are the absolute best support that can be provided as an add-on to safety products used out in the field. Why? Well, first of all, photoluminescent coated safety products have proven to glow brighter and longer than any other type of coating offered for safety products. In addition, photoluminescent coatings are an eco friendly, green alternative to other types of coatings that are actually made with harmful materials – somewhat ironic that those who serve in safety municipalities might be using materials that are hazardous to their health.

Imagine firefighters entering an overwhelmingly smoky and flame filled building, hoping to put out the fire and save anyone still left in the building. Those firefighters use equipment, such as axes and water hoses, to help them infiltrate the building and extinguish the fires. What if someone drops his or her equipment in a smoky room, and cannot find the equipment? They instantly become a liability instead of an asset in the building, and place themselves and their teammates at risk. With photoluminescent coatings placed on their equipment, firefighters can safely locate the fallen equipment. Another scenario involves using photoluminescent coatings on clothes. Using the same example, firefighters entering a smoky building must be able to locate one another, especially when they start distancing themselves throughout the building. The inability to see each other puts firefighters in dire circumstances, which can be prevented if they have photolumoinescent coatings on their fire clothes and gear.

The application of photoluminescent coatings on safety products have proven to save lives, just ask the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is one of many regulatory committees mandating the use of photoluminescent technology for all safety products. You can learn more about why the EPA wants photoluminescent technology as the one and only resource for enhancing safety products by calling Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup offers photoluminescent coating, and other products, and will explain in more detail how truly effective the implementation of this technology truly is.

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