Photoluminescent Coatings & Applications for Workplace Safety

safetyproductsDue to the improved visibility and overall durability provided by the adding of an extra protective layer, photoluminescent coatings are now used in a variety of safety applications and capacities in the workplace. If any location in your workplace relies on lights and reflective signage to provide the ultimate in safety measures, replacing or upgrading those egress markers with photoluminescent coatings will offer a dramatic increase in safety measures. Below, this blog will explore three scenarios involving photoluminescent coating, and how its application will improve your company’s safety standards.

Photoluminescent coatings will provide an improvement in egress safety –According to the International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC) regulations, one of the most beneficial uses of photoluminescent coatings is within vertical exit enclosures. The egress safety codes from these two regulatory committees mandate the application of luminescent laminates for the following areas: the leading edges of stairs and landings, handrails and handrail extensions, potential egress obstacles, the perimeter area of landings, and the doorframes and door hardware of exit leading doors. Photoluminescent coatings on egress products in these areas will improve visibility and durability.

Applying photoluminescent coatings in these places provides the following advantages: improved performance in the presence of smoke and darkness, significantly reduced maintenance or maintenance-free, and self-sufficiency (no need for an electric current to operate). In addition, and, as a direct result of being self-sustaining by way of photoluminescence: supreme reliability and zero malfunctioning worries that can result from broken bulbs, faulty wiring, or generator failure.

Improve building signage with photoluminescent coatings – Because building safety signage experience slow wear and tear, they will remain in place until they become obsolete due to a malfunction. This means that many buildings likely have non-luminescent safety signs that are difficult or near impossible to see when visibility is reduced by certain impeding conditions and darkness. Replacing older safety signs with luminescent signage provide an excellent cost effective solution. Safety signs with photoluminescent coatings operate without the assistance of batters, wires, bulbs and most expensively, electricity.

Photoluminescent coated safety signs include signs pointing out the location of fire extinguishers and fire hoses, floor identification signage, emergency exit symbols, and assisted rescue areas. Using photoluminescent coated signs to enhance your traditional building safety products, is a cost effective way to help avoid the costly legal action that consequently stem from evacuation related injuries or casualties.

Improve vehicle signage with photoluminescent coatings – If your company or workplace uses vehicles that rely on signage to communicate critical safety information, such as chemical transport vehicles, military vehicles, or vehicles whose unique operation requires special attention from those in its vicinity, converting those vehicles to glow in the dark signage through photoluminescent coatings is critical to significantly reducing and preventing accidents. Photoluminescent coatings can also be applied to the expansive surface areas of large vehicles, such as jet liners and carrier ships, to make them more visible in the dark.

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