Photoluminescent Coating Services: What Makes a Provider Shine?

PhotoluminescentTapePhotoluminescent coatings are a special type of covering designed to absorb light from natural surroundings to provide a glow-in-the-dark quality at times when lighting is not present. They are an option offered by photoluminescent coating services for commercial, safety, and industrial purposes. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Commercial Products
  • Egress Markings
  • Safety Tapes
  • Paints
  • Signing

While the above represent very common uses, photoluminescent coating services are applicable for a number of purposes. Typically the end goal is to add a glowing quality to a substrate for easy identification, improved safety, or amusement in dark areas.

Photoluminescent coating services provide finished products such as signs and tapes with this quality, but are also able to offer customized solutions based on individual needs. A provider capable of offering flexible or rigid films comprising of the latest photoluminescent technologies will deliver an easy application option. These films contain an adhesive backing, which is often either made from a permanent, acrylic, or pressure-sensitive material. Some photoluminescent coating services offer complete safety and egress solutions for workplaces or buildings as well.

Customized Solutions Are a Huge Benefit
If you desire this quality for a product, safety reasons, or general facility use, then it is important to make certain the photoluminescent coating service you choose is able to meet those needs. Finding a dependable provider is not as easy as with other types of coating requirements because the concept is fairly new and only a few services have emerged in the market. Before making a decision, be certain to evaluate the provider’s experience and the services they are able to offer. For the most part these types of coatings have been used for building egress safety in the forms of glow-in-the-dark signs, tapes, and markings. Photoluminescent coatings are applicable in a number of other areas as well including:

  • Product Enhancement
  • Navigation Purposes
  • General Safety
  • Marine Use
  • Clothing Applications

They offer a beneficial quality for just about any environment where increased visibility is needed in the dark. Products come in the form of tapes or films that can be applied to various substrates with ease. Many options have a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a poly-coated release liner for dependable application. With just a little bit of pressure, the film is on and your product or safety item is ready to be put to work. Custom solution providers are able to offer highly experienced recommendations and make quick adjustments as your needs evolve or change.

Photoluminescent coating services offering custom solutions are able to compound a pigment into several polymer matrixes to provide a unique thermoplastic and thermo set film. This ensures that the end result easily meets your specific needs whether the application involves graphics, apparel, safety, or security. Products may be built to any luminescence value with the required performance criteria. Jessup MFG is the only vertically integrated manufacturer of these types of films and coatings with more than fifty years of experience. If you are seeking a photoluminescent coating service with the skills and expertise to deliver the right solutions based on your needs, we are here to help.

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