Why Should your Company Use Parking Lot Graphics?

Mosaic ApplicationI am sure everyone at some point in their life has been to a concert, sporting event, or any large outdoor gathering where thousands of people are in attendance.  You have probably already come to the realization that the answer to the posed question in the title is quite easy to surmise. A company looking to promote its brand, image, or logo should consider doing so at large events, such as a sporting event or concert, because of the art of the tailgate, also known as the pre game. Tailgating, or pre gaming, involves countless people arriving at an event hours before it begins to hang out, eat, consume beverages, socialize, and have fun. The great thing is, almost all of this will take place in a parking lot. Therefore, a company wanting to take advantage of having a lot of people together at once in order to promote its product should do so in a parking lot, using parking lot graphics. In addition, parking lot surfaces make for one of the best kinds of surfaces to place parking lot graphics, because it can easily adhere to the pavement (asphalt) surface, and can withstand all of the foot and vehicular traffic thrown its way.

Placing a wall or ground graphic in a parking lot will immediately gain notice from everyone participating in the tailgating and pre gaming ritual as well as regular daily traffic. Think about it: possibly tens of thousands of people crowding in a relatively large size space, simply hanging out, and mingling with others. So, give them something to talk about and place a floor and ground graphic right at their feet, and quickly get numerous people creating a buzz about your promotional image. In addition, parking lot graphics present a simplistic way of advertising to a large audience, because it is inexpensive, easy to produce, and it is guaranteed to reach almost everyone in attendance. For example, one of the most consumed products at tailgates are soda and alcoholic beverage. So, imagine if you are a beverage company looking to promote your particular drink of choice. The hard part is already complete, as you have thousands of your target audience in space, therefore, you have taken care of targeting your specific demographic. And then, when you place a parking lot graphic into that location, the attention grabbing detailed image will entrance your target audience, sparking their interest and making them want to try your beverage.

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