Parking Lot Advertising – Check out the Latest Marketing Space

Mosaic ApplicationIf you have ever been to a serious sporting event, then you know that one of the most popular parts of attending the event has nothing to do with the actual sport itself. Rather, one of the favorite and most enjoyed parts of attending a sporting event happens before the game begins – the pre game, also known as tailgating. Pre gaming, or tailgating, involves the arrival of fans several hours before game time to socialize with other fans, which usually involves eating lots of food and drinking lots of beverages. People walk around, spectate, take pictures, visit other tailgate set ups – it becomes a huge social event before anyone even begins to consider matriculating towards the stadium. No matter what the sport is, one common element exists to tailgating around the world – it almost always happens in an enormous parking lot. Therefore, if you are a business owner, sports franchise owner, human resources or public relations executive, event planner, or a sports minded marketing firm, you should immediately view this as an unbelievable advertising opportunity to project an appealing ad to a mass audience loitering in a massive parking lot for several hours.

One of the most advantageous aspects to advertising in a parking lot, with the use of ground graphics, is that these parking lots are gigantic, and they surround the stadium. It is impossible to oversaturate this marketing space opportunity with too large or too many ground graphic ads, because the space is practically unending. Ads developed with ground graphic components and materials will stick to the ground, and will be able to handle all of the foot and vehicular traffic abound, throughout the entire day. Ground graphic ads are equipped with a high performance adhesive backing that will secure the graphic to almost any type of outside surface, especially a parking lot surface. In addition, ground graphics will not blur, stain, erode, or become faint from liquid spills, food droppings, foot and vehicular traffic, or from beaming sunlight. Moreover, if the sporting event is longer than one day, or if it happens to be a week long music festival, for example, ground graphics, with the assistance of a protective laminate, will be able to last for days, weeks, even months, if need be, no matter what the conditions may be, including weather.

Ground graphics are, without a doubt, perfect for advertising in parking lots. In fact, parking lots have been one of the most successful uses of ground graphic advertising designs. Why? Because advertising agencies are provided with an incredible beneficial location that provides so much space to implement marketing ads that will surely reach a large audience – easily in the tens of thousands. If you are part of a marketing firm, and are part of an upcoming advertising campaign involving a location with the kind of parking lot described here, use ground graphic ads – a no brainer marketing tool that takes advantage of this type of space better than any other marketing tool.

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