Rock Your Advertising with Custom Concert Graphics

concert-graphicsOver the last five years or so, the music festival has seen a major resurgence in popularity. Not since the days of Woodstock have so many people gone out to enjoy their favorite music in the great outdoors. The great thing about today’s music festivals is that there is one for virtually every type of music lover. Each concert has its own feel, its own style, and its own way of doing things. The most creative concerts even have their own way of utilizing outdoor music festival graphics.

While banners and posters are still the primary mode of signage at outdoor concerts, many festivals are starting to realize the benefits of using custom outdoor wall and ground graphics. These graphics can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces including cement, concrete, and brick while maintaining a painted on appearance. Because they can be printed to almost any size or shape, custom wall and floor graphics can be used for a wide variety of purposes including concert sponsorship, wayfinding, and audience engagement.

Making Concert Sponsors Happy with Ground Graphics
In a crowded music festival, it’s hard for sponsors to stand out. That’s why some music festivals have started offering floor space as a great new opportunity for reaching concertgoers. In crowded areas, it’s often hard to get a good glimpse of posters and banners, but everyone has an eye on the ground in front of them. Floor graphics have a tendency to draw attention and hold it because they are unexpected and underutilized.

People have a tendency to stop and take note of floor graphics, both because of their placement and because of their opportunity for creativity. For example, sponsors can use floor graphics to playfully engage with concertgoers with quotes or jokes, or they can create seemingly 3-D images that catch the eye and are extremely photographable and shareable.

Making Your Concert Easier to Get Around
Floor and wall graphics can be used throughout your venue to help guide concertgoers to the nearest restrooms, information booths, and food trucks. You can even lay down a map of your entire festival at the entrance to the event, creating a centerpiece that is beautiful and engaging in addition to being helpful.

Creating Unforgettable Experiences
People go to music festivals to see their favorite bands, have a great time with their friends, and come back with amazing stories. You can help make your attendees experiences even better with outdoor concert graphics that are engaging and awe-inspiring. Lay down an oversized work of art for people to appreciate and take photos of. Create a graphic that lists the names and albums of all the best jazz players of all time. Create a maze for kids to walk through that’s shaped like a guitar. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

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