Have Customers Follow their Noses…and Eyes

restaurant-sidewalk-decalsFor many restaurant owners, foot traffic is extremely important to business, and it’s becoming harder and harder to draw people in with traditional signage. Even in heavily trafficked areas like Main Streets and downtown hubs, people are much more likely to pull out their phones and check the latest Yelp reviews than they are to simply pick a restaurant based on the way that it looks. So how do restaurant owners draw in a new generation of people who are unlikely to be wooed by traditional methods?

After making sure that you have a great reputation on Yelp, the next step is finding new methods of transforming spaces. Outdoor restaurants and restaurants with street entrances can use outdoor floor and wall graphics to help extend their advertising space onto the street. Fast food restaurants and cafés, for example, can use restaurant sidewalk advertising that points people passing by into their establishment by promoting current deals, featured menu items, or simply appealing to people’s sense of humor.

Higher-end restaurants can use restaurant sidewalk decals to extend the décor of their restaurants, creating artful images or designs that draw the eyes of people who might not otherwise notice your business.

Of course, there’s still the issue of Yelp and other such review services. Even if you catch the eye of a person passing by, they’re likely to pull out their phone and check your reviews before stepping inside. So beat them to the punch by including a QR code or a brief link to your online menu within your sidewalk decal. That will direct potential patrons to the information that you want them to receive.

Increase Foot Traffic with Sidewalk Decals
Floor and wall decals can also be used in heavily trafficked areas within walking distance of your restaurant. Perhaps there is an outdoor mall near your café loaded with hungry shoppers looking for a place to get lunch. Make sure they find you by laying down a decal that points in your direction, provides a link to your best reviews, and perhaps tantalize them with a graphic of a tasty dish. The options are endless, and the potential to increase your walk-in traffic is substantial with smartly printed sidewalk decals.

To get a better sense of what we’re talking about, request a free sample pack of print media for sidewalk decals from Jessup Manufacturing Company, the maker of award-winning Asphalt Art.

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