Get a Leg Up on the Competition with Stair Graphics

stair-graphicsStair graphics are a fun and inventive way for advertisers to reach their target demographics. Take a look at some of these examples of stair advertising using nonslip print media like Asphalt Art. As you can see, stair graphics can be used to create unexpected, continuous images that are extremely photographable and impossible to miss. Stair graphics can also be used to create individual mini-experiences of your brand. They can even be used on escalators! The possibilities of stair advertising are virtually endless.

The Best Places to Use Stair Advertising
Stair graphics can be used in a wide variety of environments that are heavily trafficked by potential customers. Malls and outdoor shopping centers are a great place to highlight your brand with stair advertising, particularly if you have a store or restaurant located in the mall.

For sponsors of outdoor events held in stadiums, like auto races and concerts, stadium advertising on stairways can be incredibly effective. Stairs are underutilized opportunities to catch the eye of potential customers, and virtually everyone who attends an event in a stadium is going to go up and down stairs to get to their seat. Depending upon the size of the venue, that could be tens of thousands of opportunities to get a positive and engaging experience of your brand in front of potential customer’s eyes.

What Are the Benefits of Stair Advertising?
Probably the biggest advantage of utilizing stair graphics is that these types of advertisements are still highly unexpected. Unlike posters and TV commercials and radio ads that can annoy customers, stair advertisements are considered fun and unusual. They are therefore much more likely to be paid attention to, photographed, and shared on social media.

Another benefit of stair graphics is that they provide ample opportunities to be creative and playful. Take a look at this example of Darth Vader’s mask printed on the steps of the Franklin Institute. This image is highly unexpected and a lot of fun, which is why it’s so effective. In this example, Trident used stair graphics to brighten up and invigorate a commonly used space.

Another great benefit of stair graphics is that they are easy to apply and remove. Stair graphics printed with Asphalt Art or SportWalk can be applied in a matter of minutes, and the removal is just a simple. Plus, images printed on Asphalt Art mold to the surface that they are placed on, making it possible to utilize stair graphics on escalators.

To get an idea of what can be accomplished when you add graphics to stairwells, take a look at our Stair Graphics board on Pinterest and then request your free sample pack of Asphalt Art.

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