Durable, Safe Signage for City Sponsored Outdoor Events

More and more cities have realized the advantages of using custom-printed floor and wall graphics at their outdoor events. Event graphics placed on roads, sidewalks, and public wall spaces can be an extremely effective way to advertise local events. Whether your town is sponsoring a block party, an open concert, a fair, or a farmer’s market, creative ground graphics can draw attention to your event and help you get the buzz out.

Of course, with any event, safety is a primary concern. Many event organizers worry that ground graphics might be too slippery or create tripping hazards. Thankfully, with event graphics printed on Asphalt Art or SportWalk, you don’t have to worry about either of these possibilities.

The entire Asphalt Art line of print media is certified slip resistant. If you are concerned about wet conditions, rest assured that our anti-slip ground graphics will be just as safe to walk on as the ground below them. Graphics printed on Asphalt Art are also safe for bike traffic and auto traffic.

You don’t have to worry about Asphalt Art custom graphics peeling up or creating tripping hazards, either. The foil-based material that Asphalt Art is made of is designed to adhere to a wide variety of surfaces and actually mold to the surface it’s placed on. Asphalt Art can be used on surfaces ranging from cement roads to cobblestone pathways. Once the graphic is in place, it should have a painted on look thanks to the way that Asphalt Art conforms to surfaces.

In fact, event graphics printed on Asphalt Art can actually make your event safer by providing wayfinding, additional safety signage, and path markings. While posted signs have a tendency to get lost in the crowd, signs printed directly on the ground are much more likely to be noticed, particularly in hectic conditions.

You can also use ground and wall graphics to create point-of-purchase displays, provide additional advertising space for event sponsors, promote your event in advance, and help direct people in your community toward key locations like ticket booths and concession stands during your event. To learn more about the possibilities of custom printed event graphics, contact Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of Asphalt Art.

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