Digitally Printed Outdoor Sign Graphics

There was a time where “graffiti art,” which is the act of placing graphics on exterior walls with the use of paint or aerosol canisters, was dismissed as hooligan tagging and gang marking. Throughout the years, though, artists have been spending time crafting the artistic form of creating awesome art and graphics on mediums considered quite difficult, such as building walls made of brick, stone, or a type of mortar. This desire to prove that spectacular artwork can come from graffiti has led to a huge following form those who appreciate the art form.

Many reasons can be attributed to the explosion in popularity in graffiti art:

  • The quality and detail of the artwork, despite the difficulty level of placing art on a very challenging medium.
  • The location of the art, which is often found on exterior buildings that must have been strenuous to reach.
  • The fact that graffiti art, when placed on a building without a permit or code, is considered illegal, yet overnight, unbelievable graphics could be found in open area urban locations.
  • The “look what I got away with” mentality. What this means is the fact that graffiti art is illegal, artists must have put in an exorbitant amount of time, planning, and effort to find a location and ensure they would not be caught. Most of the public knows this, so to find incredible outdoor graphics on a building that looks like it took countless hours, and yet no one was caught, is an allure for those who appreciate the idea of “creating art at all costs.”

What does this have to do with digitally printed outdoor sign graphics? It is the difficulty of placing graphics on a medium that is troublesome and prohibitive, and the success of placing a high quality and very detailed work of art on this type of medium, that grabs people’s attention. This notion is shared by both graffiti art and outdoor sign graphics. One can connect the birth of popularity pertaining to graffiti art and the gradual rise of the popularity of outdoor sign graphics. It is impossible to dismiss the impressiveness of digitally printed outdoor sign graphics after it has been placed on the ground, which is made of concrete, stone, asphalt, tar, or even brick.

To see examples of digitally printed outdoor sign graphics on display, please visit the gallery on our Asphalt Art website. Asphalt Art is a purveyor of digitally printed outdoor sign graphics, and as you peruse our artwork, you will take note of our skilled craft and ability to place impressive quality graphic designs on almost any type of backdrop – whether it be a wall, steps, stairwell, or ground. A representative of Asphalt Art will be happy to explain, in detail, our process, and how we can make your next outdoor gathering a remarkable event.

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