Custom Parade Graphics: March to Your Own Beat

parade-graphicsSummer is upon us, and that means the season of parades. Cities and towns around the nation look forward to their local parades on special days like the Fourth of July and Memorial Day. If your town is throwing a parade this summer, parade graphics could help you make your event more creative, profitable, and safe.

Parade graphics printed on media like Asphalt Art and SportWalk can be placed on the ground and Asphalt Art can be applied to brick and stone walls. You can use custom graphics designed for your specific parade to guide your citizens to the festivities on the day of and advertise the event in the weeks preceding. Outdoor graphics can be printed and cut any way you like, so you’re only limited by your imagination.

You can create 3-D illusions, incorporate town mascots, or simply lay down arrows on sidewalks pointing to the parade route. During the parade, you can entertain the town with engaging works of art that celebrate the day, such as oversized prints of exploding fireworks covering your city center.

If you’re looking for a new parade advertising idea, custom ground graphics are a great way for your parade sponsors to gain visibility and engage with the crowd. Ground graphics tend to fall directly in the line of sight of people who walk over them, and they are still unexpected, both of which make ground graphics a great new form of advertising.

Plus, your parade sponsors can lay down custom graphics directly on your parade route, right where everyone’s eyes will be. Parades are a great opportunity for brands to connect with local communities and build relationships, and ground graphics can help companies do just that in a creative and helpful way.

Ground graphics are also a great way to provide wayfinding and additional safety signage during a parade. You can clearly demarcate the parade path with custom graphics and provide written directions as to when and where people can cross the parade route. Ground graphics can also be used to help direct people to the closest emergency medical help, restrooms, and information booths. Most importantly, Asphalt Art is non-slip, which ensures that parade participants and viewers won’t slip and fall. See how custom graphics could help make your summer parade more successful by requesting a free sample pack of Asphalt Art today.

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