Creative Uses for Ground Decals at Outdoor Events

outdoor-decalsEffective advertising at outdoor events has always been a challenge. The crowds of people at outdoor sporting events, concerts, and fairs are an ideal target for advertisers hoping to grow their market share within a specific demographic. However, the problem with traditional advertising at these sorts of events is that the crowds quite literally get in the way. Outdoor events are usually inundated with traditional signs attempting to draw eyes, but in a crowded environment — and one that is overrun with competition — the best way to stand out is with innovative, visually stimulating ground decals.

Step Up Engagement with Step on Ground Decals
Outdoor decals made with Asphalt Art have grown significantly in popularity over the last several years. This is because graphics placed on the ground immediately draw the eyes of everyone who passes over them. Such decals can be used for marking pathways, providing vital information (such as the location of the nearest public restroom), and engaging crowds in fun activities.

For example, say your business is sponsoring a half-marathon. The people running the race aren’t going to care about signs posted along the sides of the road. Most people running the race probably won’t even notice such signs, but what if you used SportWalk to place motivational quotes printed word by word on the road in front of them? You would immediately pull runners’ eyes, entertain and encourage them as they ran along, and leave them at the end of the quote with a positive experience of your brand. Not to mention, you’ll attract crowd members’ eyes too.

Or perhaps you’re looking for an effective way to advertise at an outdoor concert venue. Why not lay down a graphic that marks off a dance floor? That way, you add to the fun for everyone in attendance and create another positive experience of your brand.

You could also mark pathways with vibrant, seemingly three-dimensional graffiti art that complements the scene, causes everyone walking by to pause and enjoy, all while promoting your company.

Whereas typical signage and banners can feel like a bombardment at an outdoor event, outdoor decals placed on the ground are a much more rare, and therefore welcome, sight.

As with any form of advertisement, the trick with outdoor decals is creating a graphic that is either helpful or fun, and always engaging. Check out our Pinterest albums of concrete decals and sporting event graphics for more great ideas and inspiration.

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