Creating Memorable Experiences at Outdoor City Events

municipal-graphicsEvery town has a history and a unique story. Maybe your town is filled with historical buildings. Maybe you have a landmark where someone made a discovery or a major event in your town’s history occurred. Cities often struggle to find ways to honor their history and showcase it in a way that is accessible, interactive, and engaging. Fortunately, outdoor graphics for municipalities can serve all of these purposes.

Outdoor graphics printed on non-slip materials like Asphalt Art or SportWalk can be used to create public displays throughout your town. Whether you’re having a weeklong festival to celebrate a cultural event or want to show people the way to a historical marker, outdoor graphics can be used to create engaging displays, artwork, and pathway markings. If printed on the right material, outdoor graphics can be used on the ground or walls and can stay applied for months without damaging the surfaces below. Here are just a few ways that you can use municipal graphics throughout your town:

Sharing Fun Facts
Does your city have a park with cultural significance or a building where an important American lived? Use ground graphics to lay down fun facts about the person or place. Include a QR code for the full story or biography. Graphics on the ground tend to fall directly into the eye-line of people passing over them, making them highly noticeable and engaging.

Sharing Photos or Artwork
Turn old photos into custom graphics and place them in important centers of your town. You can show your residents what City Hall used to look like in 1915, or you can make a beautiful reproduction of a local artist’s painting for everyone to enjoy and take pictures of. Such displays bring color and creativity to your community.

Sharing Maps
Did something significant happen in your town in the past? Create a custom graphic that shows what your city looked like at the time and where the event occurred. You can also create a map that shows a walking tour through your town which people can take pictures of and follow. Mark each spot along the path with its own graphic, sharing more details.

Request a sample pack of non-slip, pressure sensitive adhesive media to get started and learn what is possible when you use our print media!

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