Can Flooring Graphics be Applied Outdoors?

If you are a business owner, human resources or public relations executive, or an event planner who is preparing a large event or social gathering for many people to attend, why not try a new marketing or advertising tactic to grab everyone’s attention with outdoor ground graphics. The first question that might pop into your mind is: Can flooring graphics really be applied outdoors? The answer is a resounding yes! Floor graphics, when applied outdoors, will put your message in a unique and special position destined to grab the attention of all the patrons in attendance, making a lasting impression that will surely create a lot of buzz surrounding the image placed on the ground graphic.

If you are worrying about exactly how the application of an outdoor ground graphic will stick to the ground outside and handle the foot traffic, ground graphics have a high performance adhesive backing that will secure the graphic to almost every outdoor surface. Although ground graphics work best on flat or slightly rough surfaces, the outside image will adhere itself to many different rough surfaces as well. In addition, a protective laminate can be placed around the ground graphic to provide slip resistance, as well as to protect it from constant foot traffic and even tire tread from vehicles. Depending from what company you decide to have your ground graphic designed and printed, they will last several months outdoors, even when enduring daily pedestrian traffic and potential vehicle traffic. If your outdoor event is only for a day or an evening, these applications are completely removable, and can be done with ease.

As it pertains to outdoor events, ground graphics are terrific for strip malls and outside kiosks, outdoor convention meetings, sports arenas (football fields and baseball parks), institutions of higher learning (collegiate events), factories, trade shows, and businesses that comply their trade outside. Concerning outside terrain, outdoor ground graphics can go on: sidewalks, steps, parking lots, painted or unpainted cinder block, unsealed cement, unsealed concrete, concrete, pavement, brick, and asphalt.

To learn more about how your choice of floor advertising can be placed outdoors, contact a reputable provider of the trade, such as Asphalt Art. Asphalt Art is one of the pioneers of offering ground graphics for indoor and outdoor settings, and their team of professionals will be able to assist you in whatever it is you need – designing and creating the ground graphic, printing the image, as well as placing the image on the ground of an outdoor setting, on almost any surface. Incorporate ground graphics at your next outdoor event or social gathering, and immediately increase the effectiveness of your promotional advertising strategies.

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