Advertising Real Estate You Shouldn’t Ignore

After that too-long winter, summer is finally arriving, and people couldn’t be happier to get outside. Summer is the season of music festivals, fairs, parades, and vacations. It’s the season of outdoor malls, farmers markets, and promenades. While most advertisers won’t do anything to adjust their marketing plans this season, savvy brands should consider the numerous advantages of outdoor ground advertising.

Think about it. Most brands stick to billboards, bus shelters, and store windows. It’s all things we’ve seen before. Some brands get a little bit creative with three-dimensional billboards, but for the most part there isn’t anything exciting or new about these standard forms of advertisement which tend to get overlooked by the people who pass them by.

This isn’t the case with outdoor floor graphics. In areas with heavy foot traffic, ground graphics can be used to engage potential customers in new and exciting ways. Whereas the average person tends to zone out posters and billboards, a ground graphic in their path is likely to catch the eye and hold it. Ground graphics have the advantage of still being highly unexpected. Plus, they can be much more creative and original than other types of advertising.

While posters and billboards are pretty much stuck to their rectangular confines, ground graphics can sprawl across entire plazas. They can take any shape that you can imagine. Small graphics can be placed periodically on sidewalks to tease people passing by and make them curious about your brand, or large graphics can be used to create sweeping works of art that are both beautiful and engaging. You can create seemingly 3-D images that make people want to stop and take pictures, or you can transform bland spaces into colorful new worlds. The only limit when it comes to ground advertising is the marketer’s imagination.

Compared to other forms of outdoor advertising, outdoor floor graphics are much more likely to be photographed and shared, giving your campaign the potential to go viral that it’s simply couldn’t have as a traditional billboard or poster.

Learn more about the possibilities of outdoor ground advertising by checking out our Pinterest board of creative outdoor advertising.

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